John Dean

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Marketing Content Specialist at Enfocus

John brings a unique perspective, leveraging nearly thirty years of print production experience, technical savvy and an enthusiastic creativity. An understanding of user experience beginning in the early days of Pitstop and on through to building web-to-print workflows for commercial print positions him to provide a valuable viewpoint of Enfocus products. He is a self-proclaimed Switch Enthusiast, enjoys good XML and quiet walks from Web to Print.



Blog posts by John Dean

18 Dec 2019

First Switch Scripting Experience

I took my first dive into Switch Scripting and ended up in the kiddie pool.

19 Nov 2019

Enfocus attends Avanti User Group Conference

Silver Sponsor: Enfocus

Enfocus was a Silver Sponsor of the 2019 Avanti User Group Conference in Nashville. The event was graciously hosted at the Loews Vanderbilt hotel, where Avanti Classic and Avanti Slingshot® users engaged in four days of insights, announcements and round-table discussions.

23 Aug 2019

Earth Island Solution Awards 2019 Voting is Live

Each year, Earth Island holds a Solution Awards event. Enfocus is sponsoring the Solutions for Innovation Award. Head over to the 2019 Earth Island Solution Awards and cast your votes!

26 Jul 2019

Automated online proofing with Enfocus Switch and Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS

Take a look at how Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS, integrated with Enfocus Switch, can be used to automate online PDF proofing. 

16 Apr 2019

Enfocus enjoyed a busy Graphics Canada Expo

Enfocus at Graphics Canada Expo 2019

Graphics Canada Expo 2019 is here and gone. The event was busy and rewarding. We met some old friends and gained some new ones. We would like to say, “Thank you,” to everyone who came by the booth and took the time to speak with us about their automation needs. It was, as it always is, great to spend time with our technology and solution partners.

9 Jan 2019

Keep calm and just get those files to press – here’s how!

When it comes down to it, the daily grind of print production is getting those files to the press faster than you can say “PDF”. That’s doesn’t mean that bottle necks don’t occur at finishing, but a press without a job to run is like a bar that just ran out of beer. Need help keeping those presses fed? The Enfocus product family has your back!

9 Jan 2019

The customer is king – but even kings can do with some education

If only your print business could thrive without customers, right? We hear you. Most printers’ customers don’t know a thing about printing, yet they do know they want to receive that picture-perfect job no later than yesterday. In fact, we believe the printing industry as a whole would be much happier with just a little customer education. Don’t know where to start? Just scroll on down!

18 Dec 2018

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Who doesn’t like a heart-warming tale this time of year?

19 Nov 2018

Why print automation will no longer be a buzz word in 2019

Everyone's thinking about it, everyone's speaking about it, yet so far few in the industry have managed to get it right. We’re talking, of course, about print automation. Over the last few years, even the most ambitious printing professionals found themselves facing what felt like a never-ending pursuit of increased efficiency on numerous levels. Automation, it seemed, was not much more than a buzz word or a privilege for the lucky few, i.e. companies with massive budgets. Well, no more!

30 Oct 2018

3 print industry trends to watch in 2019

Whoever says print is dead is in for some shockers next year. With 2018 almost wrapped up and 2019 lurking around the corner, we can confidently say print is clearly still very much alive and kicking, and unlikely to become a thing of the past anytime soon. Better even, it seems the word on the entire print industry’s lips is ‘more’. How can we do more with less? How can we get more for less? The key enablers to solve these challenges, we predict, lie in the three main trends that will shape the print industry in 2019.