Tuesday October 31, 2017

Color Space & PitStop: a perfect match  

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There’s no denying it: color combinations are crucial when it comes to brand recognition.  Logos, advertising campaigns and general identities rely on specific and consistent colors in order to be successful. 

Graphic designers and marketers spend a significant amount of time building a palette that will look awesome on a variety of output mediums, from packaging and promotional material to website graphics.  

So, what does PitStop have to do with this, you ask?  Dependable content, that’s what!


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Correct color spaces can secure a design’s true colors

When viewing a design, how do we determine the “right” color?  Is it based on what we see on the monitor?  Is it what we see on an ink jet proof?  The answer is: how the final output device interprets the incoming color percentages, combined with technical considerations, such as press gain and paper stock.  In a perfect world, monitors and proofers are calibrated to match an output device’s reproduction but that’s not always the case.  For website graphics, the challenge is even greater since nearly all devices will show some level of difference between colors.

Once a palette is finalized, it is critical that color builds and color spaces remain intact and consistent throughout the life cycle of a given project, be it a CMYK, Pantone or RGB color.

Make room for Color Space!

Unexpected results are often found when a design is inadvertently built using the wrong color space.  For example, if a project by “Vendor 1” is produced using a true, pre-mixed Pantone spot color and CMYK color, but “Vendor 2” is only using CMYK color, the design for Vendor 1 would not be applicable for Vendor 2 objects using the Pantone spot color must be converted to CMYK first. If this same project was then repurposed for mobile devices, the print design colors would again be incorrect, as such devices rely on RGB colors vs. CMYK and/or Pantone colors.

PitStop prevents slip-ups

PitStop is a preflight tool for PDF files that can identify objects that use unwanted color spaces.  Depending on the final destination of a PDF file, the Preflight rules can be configured to search out and identify RGB colors, for example, or search out and identify Pantone spot colors.  Yes, without you having to leave Acrobat!  In addition, PitStop can automatically convert these erroneous colors to the correct color space.  For advanced controls, PitStop comes complete with Color Management preferences to ensure consistent and predictable conversions across multiple systems for larger scale production environments.


Try PitStop Pro for yourself and see how simple it is to ensure your files are print ready and the color space is intact!


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