Friday August 25, 2017

Does your print automation software tick all the boxes?  

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Switch print automation software

There is no way around it: the future of print lies in automation. Automating print workflows reduces errors, maximizes throughput and allows shorter runs to remain profitable. Jumping onto the automation bandwagon, however, is easier said than done – especially if your printing business is new to the concept. Which boxes should the ultimate print automation software tick? Read on to find out!

1. Smooth communication between CRM, Print MIS and the automated print workflow

Ideally, print automation software should be able to create job tickets by implementing (new) customer information from the CRM and/or MIS. Switch can handle this using the Database module, providing a direct connection to both. This results in a perfect sync of data across all systems in your organization.

2. Easy web-to-print access for customers

Print automation software should make life a little easier for customers, too. The Switch Web services module, for instance, allows you to build a web-to-print solution right at your customer’s fingertips, so they can order and reorder anything they want in a snap. Combined with a CRM system, Switch also makes it easy-breezy for customers to consult prices and send their billing information.

3. Automated template design

The perfect print automation software should make designing templates for standardized products (think stationery, business cards…) child’s play. This too is possible with Switch, provided there is an integration with an online document editor, such as CHILI Publisher in place.

4. Ability to predict the future

Combining Switch with an MIS system enables printers to try out ‘what if’ scenarios so that they can verify how estimated jobs would impact existing orders, and move schedules around as needed. 

5. Automated preflighting

Are you still preflighting jobs manually? There is no need to when you’ve got the right print automation software in place. Integrating PitStop Server into Switch automates preflighting for most common errors

6. Keeping all parties posted

Checking folders for newly uploaded jobs and downloading them, keeping customers posted on the status of their order, … The ideal print automation software does all these things for you. Switch allows you to send out customized email notifications in every stage of the order process. You can even send SMS notifications through a nifty app (Send SMS) available at the Enfocus Appstore.

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7. Offloading repetitive prepress tasks

Automation software, such as Switch, saves your staff the hassle of repetitive prepress tasks and offloads it to your server. Switch can also take on every task for PDF creation from native files and preflighting.

Use Switch to reduce prepress pressure

Need help reducing prepress costs and pressure? Switch is your go-to solution! 

While the Switch Core Engine is the heart of your automated workflow, our wide range of modules and partner integrations glues every possible system or application you use together, resulting in a perfect workflow.

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