Tuesday September 24, 2019

Enfocus exhibiting at PRINT19 and Printing United

Visit the Enfocus booth near you!

There are a lot of things in store for attendees who stop by the Enfocus booth at either trade event, this October. Product managers, integrators, resellers and sales managers will all be available to answer questions and give demonstrations. Enfocus is having a banner year for new features, product advances and collaborations with industry partners. Visitors can investigate advancements in workflow automation including job onboarding and online PDF proofing. The Enfocus booth will be the place to learn, explore, get advice and find the solution to build winning print services.

PRINT19 takes place in Chicago on October 3rd – 5th at McCormick Place (https://www.printtechnologies.org/PRINT19/). To get to the Enfocus booth (327), head down the main aisle from registration and turn left about midway. Booth 327 is in the software section, in the row closest to registration. Switch users are welcome to show up a day early and attend the Switch World Tour on October 2nd at the Silversmith Hotel. Get Switch World Tour details here: https://www.enfocus.com/en/events/switch-world-tour-chicago

Printing United will be held in Dallas on October 23rd – 25th at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (https://www.printingunited.com/). Enfocus will be on hand at booth 11947. From the main entrance, go slightly right and past the ramp. Then, turn right down the main aisle in the Commercial and Packaging section. Enfocus will be on the right, four booths from the exit.

What’s new with PitStop 2019?

The PitStop user base is over 130,000 and growing. With the release of PitStop Pro 2019, PitStop Server 2019 and PitStop 2019 SDK came features that made users very happy.

Preflight for digital printers: A specific preflight profile for digital printers has been included that optimizes and reports the amount of ‘clicks’ each page will generate. This profile automatically handles objects that ‘look’ black and ensures they only create one ‘click’.

Rasterize Selection: PitStop Pro 2019 offers prepress operators the ability to select specific elements within a PDF page, such as very complex vector art, and rasterize only that selection. This allows users to simplify complex pages whilst maintaining the highest quality. Previously the only way to handle such pages was to use the archaic technique of converting the whole page to an image. The new approach means that only the problem element needs to be rasterized while the remaining content is untouched.

Object Browser: A PDF file is made up of many stacked objects. Very often, selecting an object is difficult because the needed object is obscured. The new Object Browser removes all that complexity and makes object selection easy by displaying the PDF Object Stack in a list tree view and it enables the operator to simply click on the required element to select it.

See the full list of “What’s new in PitStop 2019” here: What's New in PitStop 2019

Switch 2019 Spring features

Remote processing: Remote Process is a flow element that allows users to route Switch jobs out of the flow, process them remotely using a third-party service, then bring them back into the flow after processing. The Scripting Module is required to make use of this feature.

Submit point improvements: The functionality of the Submit Point has been embellished to improve flexibility. Changes to the Submit Point in Switch include the ability to submit metadata only. This allows a Switch flow to accept data only, such as a filled form, instead of requiring a physical file to be submitted. Another Submit Point function has been added that sends a job trigger.

Managing Submit Point URLs also receives some additional options with this release. A direct link URL to a submit point can be created to direct the end user to specific Submit Point, making it simpler to locate. These direct URLs can have an expiration date applied which is useful in managing submissions.

Redesigned Messages: The Switch 2019 Spring release came with a redesigned Messages view. Based on feedback from users, Enfocus has completely overhauled the way messages are viewed. Messages is the Switch activity log. The new Messages view contains quick filters, like a slider for viewing a “from-to” timeline.

For details on the features mentioned here and other specifics about what’s new in the Switch 2019 Spring release, visit: What's new in Switch 2019 Spring

Enfocus Workflow Automation Report

This year Enfocus will be distributing the inaugural edition of the Workflow Automation Report. This publication is all about insights from industry innovators. Partners, collaborators and integrators contributed to create a magazine that print service professionals are going to want to read. Visit the Enfocus booth to get your free copy of this unique publication.

Panel discussions

PRINT19: Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum will participate in two Tech Talk panels. Attendees can have a listen on Thursday, October 3rd at 11:30 am to the Workflow Panel and Friday, October 4th at 11:00 am to the Software Panel. All panels are moderated by Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse.

Printing United: Attendees should stop by the Enfocus booth (11947) and get a private demonstration with one of our product managers. Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum and PitStop Senior Product Manager, Andrew Bailes-Collins will be on hand to participate.

Happy Hour

Whether attending PRINT19 or Printing United, all are welcome to join the Enfocus Team at the booth for Happy Hour at the end of each day.  Come by for a FREE Belgian beer, chat with the team and get to know the people of Enfocus; the people who will help you to build winning print services.

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