Tuesday July 02, 2019

Enfocus: Software to build winning print services

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What are winning print services?

The judge of winning print services is customer loyalty.

When your customers consistently receive an excellent service, their confidence in your business will grow and they will be likely to return. Enfocus develops the software for you to build consistent, efficient, quality print services. When your customers are happy, you are happy; and that makes us very happy. We provide the tools for PDF quality control, PDF editing, and workflow automation.

Winning at integration

Building an efficient and error-free workflow from order to delivery means that you need to get your order entry, file receipt, and job ticketing talking to your production systems. The integration challenge is where Switch excels. Switch handles instructions via XML and JDF natively, but it can also talk to your front-end via scripting. Switch communicates with many MIS systems. There is a community of experienced users and integrators available to assist you with the integration if needed. The Enfocus Appstore contains out-of-the-box apps to connect to several systems. Many of these apps are inexpensive or free to use.

You must compete to win

Enfocus understands what winning at print services is about. Print customers expect quick turnarounds. They expect quality. They expect affordability. Automation has been shouted from the rooftops for quite some time. It truly is the only way to satisfy expectations and stay competitive. Enfocus will help with the journey to print service automation. Our solutions are modular and dynamic. Planning and implementing a phased approach to grow your automation takes time and effort. It may help to get some assistance. There is an expanding community of developers, integrators, and contributors available.

Contact a reseller. Request a demonstration. Install a trial. Start winning.

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  • File onboarding

  • Online PDF proofing

  • MIS / W2P / eCommerce connectivity

  • Quality control

  • Processing and tracking

  • Imposition integration

  • Route to output

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About Wim Fransen

Wim Fransen, managing director, Enfocus

Wim Fransen is the Managing Director of Enfocus. Before joining Enfocus in July 2017, Wim worked with Enfocus’ parent company, Esko, for 22 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help to drive the innovation and development across the Enfocus product portfolio. In his previous role, as director of the Interactive Applications Software Product group at Esko, Wim headed up a team of product managers and engineers handling desktop and mobile applications for packaging design and pre-production. For further details on Wim’s professional experience you can connect directly via LinkedIn.


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