Monday May 30, 2016

Five reasons to visit Enfocus at drupa 2016

1. Our solutions are your solutions

At drupa, we will be showcasing the latest releases of all our established solutions: PitStop, Switch and Connect. This is your chance to experience the very latest updates and innovations to the technology that makes your business profitable. Our solutions and our experts are here to support you in improving your workflow.

Get a taste of our solutions: book a demo now!

At drupa, we are not alone. Our Solution Partners will be showing the partnerships that they have created with Enfocus and how they complete each other. We encourage you to visit also their booth and see what they can do for you.

2.  Don’t just touch the future – automate it!

That’s our slogan at drupa, but it’s more than just a great phrase – it’s what our technical and corporate vision is all about. At drupa, we won’t just be showcasing new solutions; we’ll be emphasizing how using technical innovations has created new ways of doing business.

So whether it is customer automation, the creative ways we are using HTML 5, or our cloud innovations, the Enfocus booth is where you can see how our latest innovations are becoming a driving force in the Graphic Arts market and how your business can benefit from them.

Get a preview of our drupa innovations here.

3. Find the app for that pressing problem

By now, you’ve heard about the Enfocus Appstore. We’re proud to say that our Enfocus Appstore offers applications that provide solutions to a range of challenges and give Switch users an instant, easy way to greatly enhance their workflow. Of course you can try out these apps any time – just visit the Enfocus Appstore and download a thirty-day trial.

But if you want to understand the scope of the Enfocus Appstore, come to our booth at drupa. Here, you can see the power of all these applications in one place. We’ll be showcasing workflows created with the apps available at the Enfocus Appstore.

4. Win your own X-Treme Switch-over

If you are looking to modernise your workflow, you should definitely visit our booth. We are looking for any (Graphic Arts) company to fully transform their current workflow. Our solutions will turn your old workflow into an all-modern one, including the initial planning, installations, training and final business analysis.

You pay no Enfocus software costs, no consulting fees and no maintenance contracts for the first year. We’ll document the process and promote your X-Treme Switch-over transformation. The only thing you need to do is apply for the contest and keep your fingers crossed!

For more information on the X-Treme Switch-over, take a look at

5. Join the conversation

What makes Enfocus special is the community of customers and partners that contribute to the success of our technology. Of course, there are many ways to communicate with us, but nothing compares to a face-to-face meeting with the Enfocus team. So drupa is your opportunity to “connect” with us!

Come by the booth and tell us how things are going. Share what is working well, and what you’d like to see improved. In turn, we’ll share our ideas and thoughts with you. Our products specialists are happy to give you a demo and discuss your needs.

It’s these types of conversations that will keep our solutions – and our customers – thriving.

To schedule a meeting with one of our experts, visit:  

We look forward to seeing you at drupa!

About Fabian Prudhomme

Fabian Prudhomme, VP Enfocus

Fabian Prudhomme is Vice President for Enfocus at Esko. Before that he was Manager Consultancy Business & Project Management for Esko. He oversaw the establishing and the growing of Esko’s consultancy and project management business worldwide.

Fabian’s earlier experience included working as a Managing Director for the Business Language & Communication Center in Kortrijk/Leuven in Belgium. Before that he was VP Client Services & Emerging Technologies for Millennium Information and Technology Consultants, Ltd. in the USA.

Fabian holds a master’s degree in interpreting from VLEKHO Brussels, Belgium.

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