Tuesday December 18, 2018

Happy Holidays

The snow was gently falling over the little town of Printerville. Folks were bustling to gather their holiday greetings, snapping ugly sweater selfies and basking in the blue glow of their laptops. Each one creating the best holiday card ever, thanks to the Card-o-matic 9000 website. They were dragging images of grandma and silly graphics of reindeer and snowmen. Then, scrolling through miles of fonts, they picked the perfect text and colored it bright green. There were glorious borders with drop shadows and cut outs. Oh, what a joyous card it will be this year. After all, Christmas was in three days; so there was plenty of time to get it printed.

Dozens of happy Card-o-matic 9000 users created dozens and dozens of holiday greetings. You see, it was very easy to make each one different; like snowflakes, no two would be alike. These cards were intended to be sent by email but giving a personalized print to Uncle Fred and Aunt Ginger was much more Christmas-y.

Oh, no! The frantic folks of Printerville were dismayed to find out there was no way to save or print their twinkly red, gold and green greetings after they spent minutes and minutes designing them. Alas, there was fine print on the Card-o-matic 9000 website that mentioned something called a screen shot. And off to the printer they dashed.

Just when the printer of Printerville was settling down with a nice warm cup of; let’s say cocoa; in came dozens of customers with dozens and dozens of “what am I supposed to do with that?” Luckily, the printer of Printerville was fully equipped with the latest versions of Enfocus PitStop and Switch. He was “happy” to take all their orders, drop them into one big “hot folder” and get back to his; let’s say cocoa.

All of files with all of their flaws were converted, cropped, font embedded, sorted, ganged, staged and ready to print in minutes. “Who needs magic elves when you’ve got Enfocus automation magic,” declared the printer of Printerville. Then he reached for his nice warm cup of; let’s say cocoa, knowing that each and every one of his customers would have a very Merry Switchmas.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from everyone at Enfocus!

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About John Dean

Marketing Content Specialist Emoji

Marketing Content Specialist at Enfocus

John brings a unique perspective, leveraging nearly thirty years of print production experience, technical savvy and an enthusiastic creativity. An understanding of user experience beginning in the early days of Pitstop and on through to building web-to-print workflows for commercial print positions him to provide a valuable viewpoint of Enfocus products. He is a self-proclaimed Switch Enthusiast, enjoys good XML and quiet walks from Web to Print.



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