Thursday September 24, 2020

Imprint MIS - First MIS Solution to Build their own Switch App

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Imprint MIS

Since 1979, Imprint MIS has been helping print service providers. They have been and continue to be technology-led. Because they have built their system themselves, they know it inside out. Imprint MIS approaches each of their customers with the uniqueness that defines them. It’s easy to say that Imprint MIS customers get a bespoke integration with their production environment. Just like the service at a proper tailor, your suit, your MIS, must be a custom fit.

Existing Imprint MIS customers are confident in their relationship. They have opened their environments to testing new developments for future customers. This community attitude is something that Enfocus applauds. Imprint MIS began to find, as they spoke with perspective customers, that Enfocus Switch was in place. In typical Imprint MIS fashion, they sought to assist Switch users with integration.

“The tricky part is mapping out what you want to achieve. Switch is so open that you need to know what you want to accomplish before getting started.”

Peter Horwood, Commercial Manager, Imprint Business Systems


Triggers were needed to update statuses within Imprint MIS and this is what prompted their development of an app. They found the process of creating an app to be accessible. It was an easy decision to devote resources and create a free app for their customers, which was actually completed in a very short time.

“Enfocus Switch has become the key to unlocking flexible workflow-based automation at Elanders. With the release of the Imprint MIS app for Switch we have now been able to bring Imprint and other business systems closer than ever to allow ingest and processing of orders as well as provide real-time feedback to Imprint about job status as it progresses through our workflow. We have been able to reduce touchpoints and further increase our efficiencies.”

Adam Tait, IT Manager, Elanders LTD


The Imprint MIS app allows integration between Switch and the Imprint Management Information System by providing access to various Imprint data sets and the creation of new jobs.

  • Read customer metadata
  • Read job metadata
  • Read job record card metadata
  • Read finished stock card metadata
  • Read list of job status values
  • Update job status
  • Create a new job

Ultimately, the objective is to make integrations easier and smoother as well as efficient. The Imprint MIS app is the first entry onto the Enfocus Appstore that was directly developed by an MIS provider. Enfocus is proud to be added to a growing roster of Imprint integration partners. Imprint MIS are long-term members of the CIP4 organisation and have a number of active JDF integrations with companies such as: Kodak, Agfa, Heidelberg and MBO. They have W2P integrations with XMPie, Infigo Software, Redtie, Roi360 and Vpress. Imprint MIS also integrates with accounting solutions from Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.

With the release of the Imprint MIS app, print shops using Enfocus Switch can easily integrate their existing workflow with Imprint Business Systems MIS.

“We can now progress a job straight from file to press and have our Imprint system receive feedback throughout the process. The new app gives us the ability to define a bi-directional integration between Enfocus Switch and Imprint, that can be specified to our needs. To be honest the biggest struggle is defining exactly what you want to achieve, as the sky’s the limit. It’s fantastic to see Imprint embracing Enfocus Switch, building effectively upon the firm foundations of their API.”

Adam Tait, IT Manager, Elanders LTD


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