Tuesday October 16, 2018

International Print Day 2018

The theme for IPD18 is Collaboration. Collaboration takes place in our industry between software solutionists who make integrations easier for their customers. They establish partnerships which provide end users with a solid, tested bridge between each of their separate technologies.

Building the connections between one another’s target functions gives print shops some peace of mind in knowing that software developers and device manufactures are working to unify workflows.

Every print service provider has a hodge-podge of equipment from order receipt all the way along to shipping. Making all of these individual deposits of manufacturing work as one throughput for client jobs can be daunting. Enfocus is here to help.


Enfocus strives to foster partnerships with industry solution creators in order to lend a hand in solving their customers’ challenges. They listen to their users and they know what they want is for it all to just work. Enfocus shakes hands with MIS, imposition, bulk mail, RIPs and output technologies of various brands. They approach the market in this way so their customers have choices and to make integration into a jungle of subsystems as painless as possible.


A big part of the collaboration theme on this International Print Day is education. Printers need to know what their options are in the market. More importantly, they need to be able to rely on continued growth after they make a purchase. Making the best use of their tools adds value and return on their investments.

At Enfocus, product managers hold regular training sessions for customers. They provide an eLearning portal and they keep users in the know. Taking advantage of as many features and benefits that Enfocus products like PitStop and Switch provide, leads to a strengthened relationship and customer growth.

Where to learn more

Enfocus eLearning is the place for free beginner instruction for everyone and free intermediate and advanced learning for maintenance contract holders.

Enfocus Switch World Tour where users get a unique opportunity to meet and greet with product management.

Enfocus made contributions to Introduction to Graphic Communication, by Harvey Levenson and John Parsons.

Product Manager, Andrew Bailes-Collins speaks with Deborah Corn from the Printerverse - Take a PitStop, Simple as ABC.

In Automation, Optimization and the Power of Enfocus Switch we hear from Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum.

Print Media Centr is your hub for International Print Day 2018. Share long and prosper!

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After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts, Piet started his career as a software support engineer at Esko. This immediately made him realize the vital importance of automation within an organisation.

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Today he's in charge of driving interest for the Enfocus automation solutions. As you're reading this after reading an entire article, he might think he succeeded...

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