Wednesday January 09, 2019

Keep calm and just get those files to press – here’s how!

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Enfocus productsWhen it comes down to it, the daily grind of print production is getting those files to the press faster than you can say “PDF”. That’s doesn’t mean that bottle necks don’t occur at finishing, but a press without a job to run is like a bar that just ran out of beer. Need help keeping those presses fed? The Enfocus product family has your back!

Preflight like the pro you are

In the rush of manually checking dozens of PDF files a day for errors, something is bound to be overlooked. That’s why most printers these days use a preflight solution like PitStop Pro. Its many features include (but are not limited to):

PitStop Preflight Profiles

Use your very own criteria to check PDF files and generate reports back to customers.

PitStop Action Lists

Create scenario-specific fixes for PDF files and remove repetitive prepress touches with ease.

‘Switch’ to a higher level

Boosting your operational efficiency is what it’s all about. Printers who have a proper automation solution like Switch in place get more done in less time, driving their total cost down while improving customer satisfaction. Switch features, among other cool things:

The PDF Review Module

Automated online proofing has never been easier or more convenient thanks to the new PDF Review Module. Browser-based (customers need no software whatsoever), it guarantees 100% correct PDF viewing and shorter proofing cycles.

Batch and gang

Employing Switch for automation control also means you get to pick the fruits of job assembly (you can gather jobs with similar attributes such as the same stock, quantity or output intent) and job holding (so you can send jobs to subsequent processes according to conditions such as the time of day and the number of jobs).


Did you know integrating Switch with third-party imposition solutions is super-easy as well? The Switch Configurator Module allows you to process files using third-party applications from within a Switch workflow.

Use Switch to route jobs

Move files to a RIP hot folder and deliver to output in a flash by using Switch integrated with manufacturer front-end solutions.

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