Thursday November 02, 2017

Make your print job stand out. Get creative with ink! 

Getting a print to stand out is no easy feat. Are you a marketeer, graphic designer or printer looking to pull out all the stops and get creative? We’ve already discussed the amazing effects you can achieve by printing on unusual substrates, so of course, we just couldn’t resist putting together a top five of creative inks for you to try out as well …  

1. Photochromic ink 

Yes, we admit you probably won’t be using photochromic ink all too often. But we’re sure you'll agree that this ink is too cool to leave off the list! When exposed to UV waves, photochromic ink changes color. When no longer exposed, the ink regains its original color.  

2. Fluorescent ink 

An oldie but goodie! Although fluorescent ink is mostly used for warning signs, it can certainly star in print ads as well. However, be cautious when you plan on using fluorescent ink for outdoor poster ads or billboards. Most fluorescent pigments are not weather-resistant. 

3. Phosphorescent ink 

Phosphorescent ink, commonly called glow-in-the-dark ink, turns bright green or yellow in the dark when it has been exposed to light. A cool ink for your next large-format billboard, perhaps?  

4. Hydrochromic ink 

Now you see it. Now you don’t! Hydrochromic ink is invisible when dry and only becomes visible when it comes into contact with water. Could be a winner for those branded umbrellas for corporate gift clients.

5. Thermochromic ink 

Thermochromic ink reacts to different temperatures by changing color. Graphic designers love using it to add a touch of magic to ads and packaging for food products that require cooling or heating up.  



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