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Pantone 2017: the summer color trends

Pantone color trends spring summer 2017

As the seasons change, so do the colors that shape them. With summer in full swing, we turn our attention to the colors of the season and look at the Pantone spring/summer updates for some seasonal inspiration.

Seasonal Colors: Pantone’s top 10 picks

Primrose Yellow

A greenish hue of yellow, Primrose Yellow exudes heat and vitality. Pantone was clearly inspired by warm, sunny days when they added this one to the 2017 spring/summer colour palette.

Pale Dogwood

What a marvelously quiet and peaceful take on old rose this is! If innocence were to have a colour, this one would definitely be it.


‘Hazelnut’ is quite a peculiar name for this pale shade of brown if you ask us – perhaps ‘Chocolate Milk’ would be more suitable? – but it sure looks delicious. We know a timeless neutral when we see one!

Island Paradise

You can’t look at this gorgeous turquoise and not want to book a holiday on a tropical island. Cocktails, anyone?

Greenery: color of the year 2017

It’s zesty, it’s fresh, it’s Pantone’s color of the year 2017! Inspired by the first days of spring, Greenery calls us back to nature and reminds us to step back and take a deep breath once in a while.


This color is on fire! A fun orange with a red undertone, Flame is a flamboyant and vivacious hue with a hint of drama.

Pink Yarrow

Did it just get even hotter in here? That’s Pink Yarrow for you. Next to Flame, this festive, whimsical shade of pink really livens up the 2017 spring/summer palette, doesn’t it?


Niagara reminds us that spring and summer have their rainy days, too. Not that we mind gazing out of the window looking at stormy, denim blue skies while sipping a summery drink…


Lush yet subdued, Kale is the kind of green that invites you to explore the great outdoors and pick some ‘primrose yellow’ flowers along the way.

Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue is the kind of electric blue that radiates pure energy. It’s strong and intense, yet oh so sophisticated.

‘I can’t believe it’s not Pantone!’

Most graphic designers have a love-hate relationship with Pantone. Each color palette is more glorious than the last, but printing Pantone colors also comes with a price tag. Which is where PitStop Pro comes in! Printers and designers use it to convert Pantone colors to CMYK when getting that exact match is not deemed necessary. 

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