Thursday April 18, 2019

PitStop 2019 video series summary

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PitStop Video Series

PitStop 2019 will be released soon. With it comes quite a few new features. There are a handful of heavy hitters in that list. We’ve made videos to explain. Let’s take a look at those.

Rasterize Selection

Often, there is complex vector art in a PDF page. The way that prepress addresses this is to rasterize the page. Doing so can lead to some surprises, or at a minimum, pixelated text. There is a better way. Rasterize only the problematic elements. You will be able to do that soon.

Object Browser

PitStop Pro has always been a powerful PDF editor. Just like any application, you have to select an element to manipulate it. PDF files continue to be mine fields for users trying to dig through layers and overlapped objects. This will get easier. The Object Browser displays all of the objects on a PDF page in a selectable list view.

Barcode verification

Checking for the existence of a barcode and verifying that it contains an intended value in an automated way is a valuable production tool to have. Is there a barcode of type XYZ? Does it have value 123? There is a smart preflight coming for that.

Show objects outside of the visible page

PDF files contain a lot more objects or larger objects than are intended to print. These elements can lead to problems for RIPs or just plain give prepress headaches. Users will manipulate the page geometry to show these elements. There is a function coming that will expand the page boxes and “show all” with the click of a button.

Digital printer preflight

Digital printing is all about click charges. There are multi-colored elements lurking in PDF files that will cause what should print as one click black to print in four click CMYK. A standard preflight profile is coming that will help cure that particular production ailment.

Dashboard for PitStop Server

PitStop Pro 2018 introduced an opt-in dashboard for users to get metrics surrounding the way they use PitStop Pro. It helps production and management take count of common errors, types of fixes, number of files processed and much more. Forthcoming is the same feature for PitStop Server.

“This new release contains some great new functionality that we have been working towards over the last few years. It’s great to finally be able to release it to customers so they can benefit from it. Initial feedback from customers that have tested the new version has been tremendous and we’ve been able to refine some of the features with their real-world feedback.  I can’t wait for the webinars to demonstrate the new version to a wider audience.”

Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus


The full list of new features in PitStop 2019 is available and comparable to previous versions.

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About Andrew Bailes-Collins

PitStop Pro 2018

Andrew Bailes-Collins is Senior Product Manager at Enfocus.

He graduated from what is now the London College of Communications and went on to serve an apprenticeship as a compositor. He has worked for a number of vendors in the printing and publishing sector, including Scangraphic, Apple and DuPont/Crosfield.

Andrew has been Prepress Manager for several high-quality printing companies in London, managing the change from conventional production techniques to digital. An early adopter of computer-to-plate and PDF workflow, Andrew then worked at OneVision Software for ten years. Initially based in the UK, before rising through the company to become Head of Product Management Europe at their head office near Munich in Germany.

Andrew joined Enfocus and moved to Belgium in 2011 and is the Senior Product Manager responsible for the PitStop family of products. He is also the Technical Officer for the Ghent Workgroup and Co-Chair of the GWG specifications sub-committee.

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