Thursday December 27, 2018

PitStop Pro is the perfect addition to Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk's automated solutions

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PitStop Pro is the tool that helps Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk provide personal service to their customers


Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk started as an offset printing company, but have made the transition to a prepress and ad agency who offers digital printing services. In order to cope with the shorter turnaround times, they have a number of automation tools in place. However, Silkeborg Bogtryk take great pride in providing personal service to their customers. Next to the automated PDF quality control via PitStop Server, they use PitStop Pro to quickly check each automatically generated PitStop Preflight report as well as the file itself.

Working with PitStop Pro enables Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk to also catch non-technical errors like typos, which is greatly appreciated by the customer.




What PitStop Pro does for Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk

  • View the annotated PitStop Preflight report generated by PitStop Server
  • Execute manual corrections quickly and efficiently
  • Standardizing work performed by different teammembers by exchanging Action Lists


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About Andrew Bailes-Collins

PitStop Pro 2018

Andrew Bailes-Collins is Senior Product Manager at Enfocus.

He graduated from what is now the London College of Communications and went on to serve an apprenticeship as a compositor. He has worked for a number of vendors in the printing and publishing sector, including Scangraphic, Apple and DuPont/Crosfield.

Andrew has been Prepress Manager for several high-quality printing companies in London, managing the change from conventional production techniques to digital. An early adopter of computer-to-plate and PDF workflow, Andrew then worked at OneVision Software for ten years. Initially based in the UK, before rising through the company to become Head of Product Management Europe at their head office near Munich in Germany.

Andrew joined Enfocus and moved to Belgium in 2011 and is the Senior Product Manager responsible for the PitStop family of products. He is also the Technical Officer for the Ghent Workgroup and Co-Chair of the GWG specifications sub-committee.

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