Monday September 11, 2017

PRINT 17 crowd keen to improve communications with external customers

Print 2017 started this past Sunday, and the crowd is full of energy this year as they search for solutions to improve their print business.

At the Enfocus booth (#255) the energy from attendees has been extremely high. From the opening of the show on Sunday through Monday, it’s been a non-stop flow of attendees stopping by to learn anything from what’s new with Pitstop Pro, to trying to solve an automation challenge. In particular, there’s been lots of interest and excitement about the new PDF Review Module for Switch 2017.

What’s interesting this year is there seems to be a common theme coming from attendees. With a wide mixture of companies being represented — from very large printers to very small, most seem to be looking to ways that will improve their job on-boarding process, or help improve communications with their external customers. 

It seems printers are starting to see how much time their staff are spending just working through customer file issues and getting final approvals from their clients. Time and time again we’re hearing stories of long email chains between clients, customer service representatives (CSRs) and prepress operators. Back and forth emails are being sent to get clarifications or to explain a problem and printers are recognizing that it’s time to look for ways to shorten this process and get their presses rolling.

As we get ready to begin day three, I’m sure we’ll hear many more stories like this, as well as others. One thing that is for sure, the crowd this year is hungry for information and they want real solutions to their business challenges.



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