Thursday September 13, 2018

Podcasts from the Printerverse: Print18 Preview from the Printerverse


In this Print18 Preview from the Printverse, Deborah Corn, your Intergalactic Ambassador speaks with the Enfocus Team about the impressive new features being shown this year at booth 736 at Print18 in Chicago from September 30th to October 2nd. Heard here are Wim Fransen, Managing Director, Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, and Toon Van Rossum, Product Manager at Enfocus.


"Our passion is to solve PDF and workflow automation challenges […] and to connect islands of automation."

Wim Fransen, Managing Director, Enfocus


After a quick introduction, the team talks about how Enfocus products enable their customers to Print Long and Prosper. With Enfocus Switch and PitStop at the heart of their workflow print service providers are able to stay competitive in a market with tightening margins.


"Every single printer I talk to says they use PitStop."

Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador, Print Media Centr


Quality Control

At the front of effective automation is PDF quality control. PitStop handles preflight, reporting and editing, but most importantly, those processes can be implemented with a hands-off method. That means that PDF files are checked and fixed on the way into production, long before a production issue is possible. Enfocus strives to evolve PitStop to help their customers overcome challenges as the market changes the direction of print service.


"What we've seen with PitStop over the last five to ten years is it's moved from being involved in publishing and general commercial printing to being literally everywhere in the industry. PitStop has moved with it as requirements come from large format and digital print; the functionality of PitStop has changed to meet the needs of the user."

Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus


Open Platform

The openness of the Switch platform allows it to become the hub in an environment consisting of various technologies. It communicates with MIS. It routes jobs and job information. It checks and manipulates files. It delivers jobs to output. Enfocus fosters partnerships and encourages development and makes community solutions available via the Appstore. All of this makes implementation much smoother and integration more seamless.


"Switch is the automation platform that you can use to build your entire prepress workflow or on the other hand you can also use it to start automating some of the repetitive tasks that you do on every job. The nice thing about Switch is that it will work with software that you already have."

Toon Van Rossum, Product Manager, Enfocus


New Features

PitStop 2018 introduces a Dashboard, an Action List Visualizer and many other improvements to put better control and greater power over PDF in the hands of every user.

Switch 2018 new features include a Reporting Module, Job Boards, closer integration with PitStop and enhanced performance and efficiency.

Enfocus will be showcasing the latest features of their new releases in PitStop 2018 and Switch 2018. Invest wisely with your time at Print18, stop at booth 736, get a demonstration and have a discussion about how Enfocus can put your business in a position to Print Long and Prosper.

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