Thursday March 01, 2018

Stop the presses! The more printers check, the less errors they prevent

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Two pairs of eyes are better than one, right? Not necessarily. In fact, statistics show that the more people look for mistakes in a print job, the less errors they prevent.

Because you can always blame the other guy

The thought of having to yell “Stop the presses!” makes every printer cringe. That’s why most printers have not one, but several people taking care of prepress. In many cases, a prepress team even carries out multiple consecutive quality control checks. Ironically enough, this leads to over-inspection. People trust that, if they don’t catch the error, the next guy (or gal) in the workflow will. It’s only human, really. And one of the many reasons why the future of print lies with automation.

PitStop Pro makes preflighting a breeze

In the rush of manually checking dozens of PDF files a day for errors, something is bound to be overlooked. That’s why most printers these days have a preflight solution like PitStop Pro in place. It analyses PDFs, reports unconverted RGB images and errors such as missing fonts, lack of bleed, transparency issues, and can fix files automatically.

  • Did you know? Next to automatically downloading jobs and sending them to the right presses in the optimal order, Switch enables you to integrate PitStop Server into your workflow, so that you can have incoming PDF files automatically checked for errors.

Involving customers in the automation process

A print automation solution like Connect helps printers control their customers’ PDF settings, so that they always submit print-ready documents. Extended to the customer’s desktop, the software makes sure all fonts and links are embedded correctly, creating a perfectly prepared print file.


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