Tuesday March 06, 2018

Stressed operator: don’t let burnout become rife in prepress

Stress and burnout are becoming a rather common phenomenon in the workplace. Especially in fast-paced work environments where time is money, errors can’t be afforded and repetitive tasks are prioritized over creativity and imagination. Sounds like your prepress division? You may be onto something.

Harder, better, faster, shorter

Despite – or perhaps thanks to – global digitization, the printing industry is booming. Print on demand is driving custom printing orders and short runs to such an extent that prepress operators seem to be spending more time tackling bottlenecks than they do focusing on delivering picture-perfect prints.

Are these bottlenecks ruining your prepress?

Check. Download. Reply. Repeat.

You know the scenario: Checking folders for newly uploaded jobs and downloading them, keeping customers posted on the status of their order … and then there’s the old preflighting checklist you need to go over. Are all images in the PDF file CMYK? Is there enough bleed? Are all fonts embedded? And so on. It’s this kind of repetitive and monotonous work that makes prepress operators prone to burnout. Fortunately, it’s also exactly where print automation comes in.

Print automation software to the rescue

To create faster and more efficient prepress workflows – and to give prepress operators the opportunity to be more creative on the job –  more and more print businesses are investing in print automation software like Switch, for instance, which

  • eliminates bottlenecks, increasing throughput
  • makes short runs (more) profitable
  • shortens turnaround times
  • reduces human error
  • takes DTP off graphic designers’ hands
  • and streamlines communication with customers

Does your print automation software tick all the boxes?

Did you know?

Using Switch, printers can even integrate PitStop Pro into their workflow. PitStop will then can automatically check all incoming PDF files for errors. Even grommet holes can be added automatically!

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