Wednesday September 27, 2017

Print Business' Automation roundtable recognizes Switch benefits

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Picture this: You’re reading an article on automation because you’re genuinely interested and respect the people involved. Suddenly you’re giggling like a child because they mention your product. Not only that, they mention it in the best way possible:


“Switch is the Swiss Army knife of applications,” says Andreas Aplien.


This is what happen when I read this great article from Print Business, which focuses on the findings of a recent round table they hosted to discuss automation, when to adopt it and to what extent is such a move practical and how to do it?

Included in the debate were Heidelberg UK sales director Jim Todd, Muller Martini’s Andreas AplienGuy Desmet from Agfa representing the suppliers and as sponsors of the event and Jon Lancaster, Falkland Press and Printed Easy, Dax Britton, DG3 and David PhillipsParagon Customer Communications UK representing the printers. 

Switch, the glue to keep Tharstern MIS, Agfa Apogee workflow and HP’s Production Centre together – this is what Switch is all about. This is the vision behind Switch and having people like Andreas from Muller Martini really understand that, honestly feels amazing. Thank you! 

Read the roundtable coverage here.



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