Friday September 21, 2018

The times they are a-changin’! You automate more than you think

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More deadlines, more short runs, more custom jobs: today more than ever, automation is crucial for printers to stay afloat. Still, many printers aren’t convinced of the benefits automation would bring to their business, even though they automate more in their daily lives than they think. Are you, too, a non-believer? Then let the facts convince you otherwise!

“Print automation is too complex”

Yes, print automation in itself is a complex affair. No worries though: the good people you bought the software from will be happy to come and install it for you, and show you how to use it before they leave. Easy-breezy.

It’s like googling

Just like you’re pretty comfortable using Google even though you don’t understand the algorithms it’s based on, as a printer you’ll quickly feel quite at ease using the automation software someone else created for you. Sure, there’s a minor learning curve involved – but you had to learn how to Google something at one point too, right?

“Print automation is too expensive”

Automation comes with a price tag, but eventually it pays for itself. Just think of all the time, money and manpower you’ll save! You can even calculate your return on investment using our ROI calculator.

It’s like buying a car

Think of investing in print automation like buying a car. No matter how much you’d love to do everything on foot because it’s always the cheaper option, it’s still less cost-efficient than buying a car. A car may cost you a pretty penny, but it’s worth the expense because it gets you to work on time.

“Print automation will cost me my job”

Some operators are resistant to the idea of automation because they believe it means they’ll be replaced by a computer or robot. But rest assured: automation only makes your job more rewarding. Mindless, repetitive jobs become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, you get to spend your precious time focusing on the more creative aspects of the job.

It’s like using a dish washer

Are you sure you really want to control everything in your life? Then why do you have a dish washer? Because it allows you to focus on more important things than doing the dishes, of course. And if well maintained, it never misses a spot. It’s just like that with print automation. So sit back, relax and enjoy your newly automated workflow …

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