Friday September 22, 2017

The US re-engagement route: PRINT 17 success

The Enfocus team at Print 17.

At Enfocus, we’ve been working hard on the business itineraries of both Switch and PitStop — two proven solutions that have earned their stripes at small and big print sites all over the globe. Last week, together with our product management team, I saw first-hand how the Enfocus solutions are benefiting the US graphic arts market during our week-long visit to Chicago for PRINT 17. 

The show was the perfect platform to kick off our customer-centric focus and show new and existing stakeholders how they can optimize their production facility even further. It was a fantastic opportunity for me personally to meet many customers and partners for the first time since I joined the company earlier this summer. So what key findings did I pick up from our time stateside?

Quality prevails. Always

Printers need to be able to produce what the customer wants. The machines have to deliver but the service solutions need to secure the most efficient uptime and profit margin optimization. To practice what we preach, we invested heavily in demos at the show and our integration partners  were on-hand to show customers the key features for their individual needs. It was a great atmosphere and judging by the feedback we received highlighting the level of quality we can and have delivered, further endorsed our industry reputation.

Trust is of the essence  

What visitors really want from visiting us at such as show is to build or reaffirm the personal relationship; Meet the people behind the company and look us in the eye to conduct business. We go at great lengths to get our people — the team, integrators, and partners — fully immersed in the solution specifics, the company culture and the team spirit. This paid off — the conviviality at the booth spoke volumes!

This was also confirmed during our roadshow after the exhibition. Print 17 did not stop on the last day for us, we extended our stay to meet with customers at their plants and discuss how we could contribute on the spot. It was certainly time well spent, as it truly allowed for one-to-one customer time and a deeper understanding of the US market needs.

Great expectations, great conversions

You participate in shows to generate leads that will turn into sales. Whether we were talking to the press, influencers, customers or prospects, we put all our ‘cards’ on the table. No hidden agenda, just straight-forward business. Management talked strategy, integrators talked technology and, in the best of both worlds, we all got mixed in the same conversation. As it turns out, we exceeded lead expectations, identified more sales opportunities and surprisingly closed new deals.

As the saying goes “To walk fast, walk alone; to walk far, walk together”. That way everyone achieves more!


About Wim Fransen

Wim Fransen, managing director, Enfocus

Wim Fransen is the Managing Director of Enfocus. Before joining Enfocus in July 2017, Wim worked with Enfocus’ parent company, Esko, for 22 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help to drive the innovation and development across the Enfocus product portfolio. In his previous role, as director of the Interactive Applications Software Product group at Esko, Wim headed up a team of product managers and engineers handling desktop and mobile applications for packaging design and pre-production. For further details on Wim’s professional experience you can connect directly via LinkedIn.


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