Monday March 26, 2018

What do millennials expect from your print service?

Who is the millennial consumer? Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials grew up addicted to technology, and indeed spend their days with their noses buried in their smartphones. Remarkably though, and fortunately for the print industry, the millennial generation also has a thing for print. Not because it’s hip to be old-school but because they often feel that print makes it easier to absorb information. Add to that the fact that millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030, and printers have no choice but to start making their business millennial-friendly.

Is your print service heading in the right direction? Read on and find out!

An online ordering and proofing system

Millennials want and expect to be able to place their order 24/7. And they don’t want to do it over the phone, either. Having a web-to-print solution in place will, in other words, soon become indispensable for any commercial printing business.

Tip: Switch delivers online proofing using the PDF Review Module. Give it a try!

See how it works

See how your customers will experience online PDF approval.

Upload a PDF file, or opt for our sample file, and get a viewing link delivered to your inbox.

Extremely fast delivery times

Millennials may not always know what they want, but they do know that they want it now, now, now! Or, even better, yesterday! So get ready to print on demand and strike a deal with a delivery service (or prepare to set up your own!)

Extensive customer support

A well-informed millennial customer is a happy customer. If you don’t have a central dashboard to keep track of jobs and send customers automatic job status notifications, now is the time to install one.

Tip: Switch can attach email information to jobs being processed and use the information to send customers automatic notifications.

How to meet these expectations: automate your prepress tasks

Evidently, millennial customers – all customers, for that matter – don’t want to see all those wonderful services reflected in the price, it is not premium, it is expected. Meanwhile, you’ll have a lot more work to handle with the same number of employees. But that’s where Switch comes in, again. Keeping prepress operators from stressing out, Switch automates basic prepress tasks and hence eliminates bottlenecks, makes short runs more profitable, streamlines communication with customers and much more, … so that prepress operators can focus on the creative side of the job.

Good to know!

You can integrate PitStop Server into your workflow.

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