Monday July 16, 2018

Why email proofing will always be a pain. Unless …

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Ever since mail was invented, email proofing has been common practice. Instead of having clients proof hard copies, printers send them PDF files for approval via email. However, email proofing is inefficient, not to mention error-prone. Fortunately, there is a simple solution at hand.     

Don’t get us wrong: email proofing will always be vital

There are multiple reasons why soft proofing is unlikely to ever disappear. Every printer knows that deadlines are getting shorter as on-demand printing is becoming the new norm. Many successful printers at one point inevitably start to work on a larger scale. What’s more, competition in the print industry is fierce and customers have become more demanding. Hence, workflow automation is indispensable – as is getting the client’s approval in the blink of an eye. That doesn’t mean, however, that email proofing is a safe bet.

The disadvantages of email proofing

Sending jobs for approval via email is always a bit of a shot in the dark. For one, print buyers usually don’t have calibrated monitors. Also, printers, can never be sure their client is using the right viewing tools with the correct PDF settings.

They also risk their client disapproving a file just because it contains low resolution images after it was compressed to a manageable size to send it via email.

There’s a complex solution …

In a bid to rid themselves of the email proofing burden, some printers offer online review platforms which clients can access via individual accounts. This solution, however, is complex and costly, as accounts have to be set up, configurated and continuously managed.

… but there’s a simple solution as well

Enter Switch. The automation platform for printers now offers a PDF Review Module that is browser-based – customers need no software whatsoever – and guarantees 100% correct PDF viewing. You simply upload the file as is (no low-resolution version required) and the client automatically receives a unique URL via email which they can simply click to view the file in the approval interface to provide comments and (hopefully) give their seal of approval.

Sounds too good to be true?

Want to experience the PDF Review Solution yourself? Ask for a demo and be contacted by a specialist.

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