30 Oct 2018 by Michael Reiher

And the winner is ...

Congratulations to Réal Vachon, Director, Sublimart of St. Ambroise, Quebec! He has won the Enfocus - Tilia Labs drawing held at the SGIA Expo! Réal Vachon will receive an Enfocus Switch core, a one-year subscription to the tilia Griffin Pro App and one year of maintenance. But those are the details. What he's really won is a wide format automation solution for Sublimart.

22 Oct 2018 by Michael Reiher

SGIA is a wrap!

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to pay us a visit at the SGIA Expo. Getting a chance to spend time with customers is very important to us. It was a very busy show and we were able to speak to a lot of folks; some we already knew and some were introductions. At Enfocus, customer feedback is always a priority as we are constantly pushing to develop the tools to help you overcome your PDF automation challenges.

18 Oct 2018 by Michael Reiher

We're Ready for the SGIA Expo

SGIA Expo Starts Today!

Viva Las Vegas! Welcome everyone to the 2018 SGIA Expo. We are standing by here at booth 550 along with our partners, Tilia Labs to show you how to leap right into automation. Enfocus Switch is the platform for automation and tilia Griffin Pro is the imposition integrated for the sole purpose of getting your wide format jobs submitted, checked, prepped, imposed and queued as efficiently as possible.

11 Sep 2017 by Michael Reiher

PRINT 17 crowd keen to improve communications with external customers

Print 2017 started this past Sunday, and the crowd is full of energy this year as they search for solutions to improve their print business.

At the Enfocus booth (#255) the energy from attendees has been extremely high. From the opening of the show on Sunday through Monday, it’s been a non-stop flow of attendees stopping by to learn anything from what’s new with Pitstop Pro, to trying to solve an automation challenge. In particular, there’s been lots of interest and excitement about the new PDF Review Module for Switch 2017.

4 Oct 2016 by Michael Reiher

4 secrets all great brand logos have in common

If we were to ask you to draw the Nike logo, would you be able to do it (pun intended)? How about the McDonalds logo? And the Mercedes-Benz logo? Chances are you’d sketch all three of them flawlessly without thinking. That’s because they all have one thing in common: they’re fantastic examples of great brand logos. Are you a graphic designer looking to create the next great brand logo destined for the hall of fame? Then we’ve got a few tips lined up for you!

7 Jul 2016 by Michael Reiher

Hunting for New Opportunities on the Enfocus Virtual Safari 3.0

Anyone who works in the Print Industry knows that printers need to be constantly learning and adapting if they are to succeed. To help you keep pace with these changes, Enfocus created the Virtual Safari.