19 Sep 2017 by Piet De Pauw

5 eye-catching substrates for creative print advertising

Print campaigns are a must if you want to get noticed offline but getting your prints to really stand out is another thing entirely. So, it is time to put your creative hat on and, rather than just looking at creative words and images, consider your substrate options. The choice these days is huge and since consumers are bombarded with hundreds of ads every day, why not wow them with an eye-catching substrate? To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of substrates that are definitely worth trying.



5 Sep 2017 by Piet De Pauw

Big is beautiful! A closer look at image resolution

“This is going to look amazing”, thought the client when he sent his file to the printer. But when he finally got his prints, they looked anything but spectacular. “What happened? That picture looked amazing on my monitor”, he wondered. Low image resolution is what happened — it transformed the client’s beautiful photograph into a blurry mess.

22 Aug 2017 by Piet De Pauw

5 tips for designing great print ads

Print is dead. Long live print! Online advertising may be on the rise, but there is no reason why print ads can’t be just as effective. After all, as is the case with so many things in the advertising industry, a great-looking design makes all the difference. Are you a graphic designer or marketeer looking for inspiration for your next print ad? Take these tips to heart and your clients – and their customers – will be blown away!

23 Nov 2016 by Jeffrey Philips

The power of colour psychology – do you know your stuff?

If you’re even slightly involved in advertising or marketing, we needn’t convince you that colour greatly affects consumer behaviour. Do you think you know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to colour, brands and packaging? Read our overview and find out!

21 Mar 2016 by Jeffrey Philips

How to fix PDF bleed problems with PitStop Pro

Enfocus support engineer Jeff takes you through everything you need to know about fixing bleed in PitStop Pro.