Enfocus software maintenance

Enfocus software maintenance combines free product updatespriority tech support and free education. It guarantees you to make the most out of your Enfocus software investment.



Key benefits of an Enfocus Maintenance agreement 



 Free upgrades to your Enfocus products

  • Use state of the art technology at all times
  • Secure your Enfocus software investment
  • Predictable budgeting and cost saving



Tech support

  • Response time:
    24h (D+1 SLA)
  • Access to the Enfocus Customer Support Portal
  • Emergency backup license key for Switch installation




Free education

  • Join our free monthly e-workshops
  • Free access to local Enfocus user conferences
  • Free e-learning courses and regular newsletters



And more!

  • Access to beta cycles of new versions
  • Be amongst the first to see new product features
  • Preferential treatment of feature requests


Find a reseller

Enfocus maintenance contracts can only be purchased via an Enfocus reseller.


What customers say

"Enfocus provides best-in-class support for their complete product line. We have experienced rapid response times every time we needed to address a technical challenge. Excellent troubleshooting by highly capable support engineers who have a good understanding of both our business and the general industry."

Caleb Everhart - Workflow Manager - The Vomela companies



Premium maintenance:

All of the above


Response within 6 business hours


Phone support


Find a reseller


Enfocus business hours are: from 9.00 AM Central European time (GMT +1, +2 during Daylight Saving time) to 5.00 PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8, -7 during Daylight Saving Time).