Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Enfocus Connect 13 update 2 extends automation to the customer’s desktop

Connect ALL is a customer automation solution that ensures the quality of a file while streamlining the file submission process. With Connect, print service providers, design firms and corporations can pre-define settings for a variety of tasks including job ticketing, PDF creation, PDF preflight and correction, and file delivery. Once defined, custom Connector applications are created that are used by internal and external customers to automate these processes, making it easy for graphic art professionals and novice users to consistently create print quality PDFs and deliver them to a remote server.

The features in this new release build on the value of Connect ALL by tying together all of the intelligence about a job. Using Connect ALL13 update 2, the printer can deploy dynamic HTML job tickets in the remote Connectors they configure for their clients. Once clients start to use these new remote Connectors, they are then able to provide valuable, job-specific information using these HTML job tickets. All of this data is then included when a completed job ticket gets submitted back to the printer, and can then be sent into the printer’s workflow ensuring the proper action is taken. Establishing this dynamic connection creates an easier, more efficient process for both the client and the printer.

"Many of the customers we speak to are looking for better ways to tie-in their back-end systems with the order process. In this release, our goal was to address that challenge by delivering a fully dynamic job ticketing solution that makes the customer part of the automation process. This new release ensures that vital job ticket information can now tie directly into critical systems such as an MIS system to help direct the order process. Moreover, that customer and job intelligence can be passed even further downstream to workflow automation solutions, such as Enfocus Switch. Connect ALL 13 update 2 not only ties these processes together, it also ensures that everyone involved in the process is on the same page."

Michael Reiher, Product Manager for Connect, Enfocus


This updated version of Connect ALL includes three options for creating and deploying HTML job tickets:

  • Basic job tickets – these are designed to be simple to create and easy to deploy, allowing basic customer and job data to be collected as jobs are being sent in.
  • Internal HTML forms are embedded in the remote Connectors providing a wider range of field and layout options for job tickets.
  • External HTML forms (hosted from a web server), allow the job tickets to be easily linked to back-end systems to automatically retrieve customer and job information, making the job tickets totally dynamic.

All three methods produce a properly formatted XML, TXT, or CSV based job ticket file that can be used for downstream automation. The information collected in the job tickets can be used as variables for the processing of files allowing for client-side preflight to be customised on-the-fly, rename files, or create custom delivery folders.

Adding the power of Enfocus Switch

When used in conjunction with Enfocus Switch, Connectors can drive new jobs right into the workflow automation process. With this direct connection to Switch flows, files arrive in the workflow with job ticket data describing the job along with the PDF file quality status, provided by the built-in Enfocus Pitstop preflight and correction technology. When all technologies are combined, files are instantly sorted and routed into the right workflows speeding up production and minimising operator interaction.

Other new enhancements

Connect ALL and Connect YOU 13 update 2 also includes enhancements for delivering InDesign file packages along with a PDF. These new features allow the original layout file – along with all its graphic resources – to be packaged and delivered in one step.

Connect 13 update 2 is a free update for all Connect 13 and 13 update 1 users and owners of previous versions under a maintenance contract.

For more information on Connect 13 update 2, please contact Enfocus at sales@enfocus.com or visit the Enfocus website at www.enfocus.com/Connect-all