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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Enfocus releases PitStop 24.07 with Cloud Resource Syncing, TIFF export, and enhanced features

Ghent, Belgium, 2 July 2024, Enfocus, the leader in providing affordable, flexible automation tools to the printing industry, today announces the release of PitStop 24.07. This latest version of PitStop introduces Resource Syncing, a powerful new feature built on Enfocus Cloud for PitStop Pro subscribers and expands PitStop Server's export capabilities to include TIFF format.


PitStop 24.07 marks a significant step forward in enhancing productivity for our customers by allowing them to synchronize their resources through Enfocus Cloud. Resource Syncing empowers teams to effortlessly share Preflight Profiles and Action Lists in real-time across the entire print production process. This will bring increased consistency and efficiency for our customers.

Loïc Aigon, PitStop Product Manager


New Features in PitStop 24.07

  • Resource Syncing
    PitStop Pro subscribers can now effortlessly synchronize their preferred Preflight Profiles, Action Lists, Variable Sets, and Colors through the Enfocus Cloud. This ensures that teams in separate locations always work with synchronized versions of settings, promoting consistency in job processing, as well as simplifying disaster recovery.

How it works - Once signed in to Enfocus Cloud with their usual Enfocus ID, users who are part of a group get instant synchronization of resources. No more email sharing, using cloud services and shared databases, or any other convoluted process for sharing resources.
As long as you are part of a group, any newly added resource by your colleagues instantly appears in your PitStop Pro Cloud Folder. Equally, any changes that occur in the company resources are immediately propagated, meaning that you always have the most up-to-date version to hand.

Resource Syncing introduces a new tool for managing users and groups online. There you can add or remove users and change their permissions. This makes it easy to decide who has extended privileges and who is restricted to using a Preflight Profile or an Action List but without modifications allowed.

  • Export to TIFF
    PitStop Server users can now export images directly to TIFF format, eliminating the need for external conversion tools. Color spaces and ICC profiles are fully supported, and the PitStop Server CLI can also be used to generate TIFF files.
  • Enhanced Object Browser
    A new display order option in the Object Browser allows users to view and select objects more easily to improve overall usability.
  • Font improvements
    PitStop 24.07 brings many improvements to font rendering and support.

Additional Improvements

PitStop 24.07 also includes several other enhancements, including:

  • The ability to remove bookmarks that no longer link to content.
  • More consistency in DeviceN to CMYK color conversion.
  • New default Action Lists for creating cut contours and bleed.
  • Numerous bug fixes to improve overall performance and stability.

Future plans

Enfocus is committed to continuous improvement across all its products. Resource Syncing of Preflight Profiles and Action Lists will shortly be available for PitStop Server, and additional Enfocus resource types will soon be added to Enfocus Cloud Resource Syncing.


PitStop 24.07 is available immediately to all PitStop Pro subscribers and customers with an active maintenance contract. Users can download the new installers via My Enfocus.