Monday, August 11, 2014

Enfocus solves the challenge of missing fonts in PDF files with PitStop Font Fix

Enfocus today announced PitStop FontFix, a new Adobe® Acrobat® Pro and Standard plug-in that can check and replace fonts missing from PDF files. PDF is an extremely popular file format used by a wide range of markets, including graphic arts, government, corporate, financial and medical professionals, worldwide. As PDF files have grown in popularity, so has the problem of missing fonts. Users in all of these markets experience the challenge that comes from managing a PDF file that is missing correct fonts.

PitStop Font Fix is the result of an agreement between Enfocus, the leading software company specializing in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files, and Monotype, a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise. With the new PitStop Font Fix plug-in users can check their PDF for missing fonts and make simple corrections. If fonts are missing, users can simply embed them from fonts available on their computer system or by downloading them from Monotype Baseline™, a cloud-based font library.

To celebrate the release, Enfocus is making the Font Fix solution available to customers for free. To get their copy, customers simply share their thoughts on social media.


Here’s how it works

  • Visit the Enfocus website ( and click the “Get It Now” button.
  • Write a personal message or use the Enfocus' suggested post:  “I fixed fonts in my PDF file with PitStop Font Fix!” Then share the update on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, xing en vkontakte).
  • Download and install the plugin (Macintosh and Windows) into Adobe® Acrobat® Pro or Adobe® Acrobat® Standard.

Once users have installed the plug-in and registered for a free Monotype Baseline™ account, they can embed as many local system fonts as they want. By creating an account on the Monotype Baseline™ platform, users get access to a massive font library. This Monotype library holds over 60,000 fonts over various types including Adobe Type 1 fonts. As a start, users receive10 free tokens enabling them to embed 10 fonts absolutely free of charge . After that, additional fonts can be purchased via the Monotype website at $0.39 per font. This exceptional promotional offer is valid until the last day of this year.

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