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PitStop Pro 13 update 2

Released 30 May 2016



ISO 19593-1 compatibility

ISO 19593-1 is a new PDF standard that is currently being developed by the TC130 committee of ISO. This specification is designed for, but is not exclusive to, packaging, large format and labels.

VIDEO: see how it works


Remove attachments in PDF files

PDF files can be used as a container for many types of files, and these are not always necessary for prepress production, online viewing or PDF repurposing. They also add unnecessary file size, which is why customers have requested this new Action to remove them.

VIDEO: see how it works


Action to convert shadings (blends) to images

This new Action converts fill and stroke shadings in Gray, RGB or CMYK to images.

Rasterizing such objects in a PDF can make the rendering of the PDF much faster when it is output or viewed, removing the production bottleneck.

Of course it needs to be recognized that it takes some time for PitStop to carry out this process, but for some customers it’s preferable to do this upfront in PitStop, rather than have a delay later on during the output RIP process.

VIDEO: see how it works

Retina support for PitStop icons

Any Macintosh PitStop user working with Adobe Acrobat DC will be familiar with the ‘lego blocks’ that PitStop currently displays on a Retina monitor. In this version we have added new style icons that support Retina. 

VIDEO: see how it works


Create Action Lists directly within the Preflight Profile editor

It was always possible to import/edit and export Action Lists from within the Preflight Profile editor, but now you can also create new Action Lists directly from this location.

VIDEO: see how it works


Remove object level XMP metadata in PDF files

PDF files often contain XMP metadata that relates to objects and attributes within the PDF, many applications create and store such information when a PDF is created. Whilst this information can be useful, and indeed we use it ourselves within our Switch application, many times it is not needed and can result in very large PDF files. The ability to remove object level XMP metadata has been added to the Remove metadata Action.

VIDEO: see how it works


GWG 2015 Preflight Profiles

We now also include the latest Preflight Profiles from the Ghent Workgroup. These new profiles are based on PDF/X-4.

VIDEO: see how it works
Learn more >

Latest Pantone libraries

These include the 112 new colors recently released, in addition we have included the Pantone+ Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated with two different alternate colorspaces. 

VIDEO: see how it works


Packaging Preflight

We have added some specific packaging Preflight functionality, but this is based on PDF files created with Esko applications.

When Esko ‘Normalised’ PDF files are created, they include metadata that describes some of the attributes of objects and inks within the PDF file.

The two areas we have focused on in this PitStop update are barcodes and inks.

VIDEO: see how it works


Turn off Anti-aliasing when Rasterizing

The Rendering engine within PitStop has again been improved in this version. We now have the option of anti-aliasing, whereas before, this was applied by default.

Having this new option opens up some interesting approaches for handling PDF files that have white lines from flattening. 

This Action uses a two pass approach: one without anti-aliasing and one with, to give the best possible result.

VIDEO: see how it works




PitStop Pro 13 update 1

Released 27 October 2015



Add copied graphic

This Action has undergone a large upgrade with lots of new functionality added.

This was primarily done to allow the placement of grommets and other page furniture, but it also offers several new options based on placing multiple copies of the object. This could be used for step and repeat, for example.

VIDEO: see how it works


Cut, copy and paste objects in Action Lists

Up to 1,000 selected objects can now be put in a temporary clipboard, to be re-used in another place in the same Action List.

VIDEO: see how it works


New Preflight Profile: Just make my office PDF work!

This is a special Preflight Profile designed to fix Office based (sRGB) PDF files, it's not so much a checking Preflight Profile as it works on the idea that the file will be incorrect as supplied.

It's mainly about fixing it and getting the file in a good state with 'one click'.

VIDEO: see how it works

Operating system support

Added support for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and Windows 10.

Learn more about PitStop Pro system requirements and compatibility >


Select inside contour

Although it has multiple uses, this Action is really designed to be used in conjunction with the Preflight Restrictions concept that we launched with PitStop 13.

The idea behind the Action is that it allows you to select objects only within a defined shape such as a Dieline or a Cutter Guide.

VIDEO: see how it works


Improvements to Select Page Action

PitStop can now select a page range from the end of the document by adding an ‘R’ to the numbers in the page range. R1 is the last page, so the last but one page is R2 etc.

We also added another new function to the Select Page Action that was requested by several customers: select every Nth page.

VIDEO: see how it works



New profiles

WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5 is a new ICC profile for newspapers. 

FOGRA51 and FOGRA52 are also available.

VIDEO: see how it works


Detect complex pages

This new Action can detect pages based on the user-defined amount of nodes.

It's useful to detect pages that may take a considerable amount of time to RIP and therefore may cause a production bottleneck.

VIDEO: see how it works


GWG 2012 Packaging Preflight Profiles

These are a new set of Preflight Profiles released this year for the Packaging Industry based on the GWG2012 Preflight specification.

VIDEO: see how it works





PitStop Pro 13

Released 16 April 2015



Automatically add bleed to PDF files

Missing or not enough bleed is a very common problem faced by anyone trying to print a PDF file. Previous versions of PitStop were able to extend rectangular vector based objects in order to create bleed, but did not touch any other page content.

With PitStop 13 we have a completely new approach, and one that works on all page content except text.

VIDEO: see how it works


Optional subscription licensing model

PitStop Pro 13 can now be licensed via a monthly or yearly subscription licensing model.

This kind of licensing has become popular since the advent of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Enfocus has carried out extensive research amongst its customer base and as a result of that research added the option of subscription licensing for PitStop Pro.

VIDEO: see how it works

Acrobat DC/2015 support

We did the majority of the development of the PitStop Pro move to 64-bit within the PitStop 12 update 3 release, so both PitStop Pro 12 update 3 and PitStop Pro 13 will work within Adobe Acrobat DC.

Learn more about PitStop Pro system requirements and compatibility >


Customizable Preflight messages

This new functionality enables you to write your own preflight warnings and messages.

Customers have been asking for this ability for some time, so we are delighted to be able to deliver it.

Preflight messages are often seen as too technical, especially when the report is sent to customers, so now you can write the reports using your own words, terminology or even language.

VIDEO: see how it works

Restrictions within Preflight

The concept behind ‘Restrictions’ is that you can limit Preflight checks to only the elements of the file you actually want to check.

This means that the Preflight is much more specific and you only get warnings and errors on objects that you care about.

This makes the check more relevant and more accurate.

VIDEO: see how it works


Improved Log selection

This Action generates a user-defined message if something was ‘selected' or found in a PDF file.  

It works in conjunction with a ‘Select’ Action. 

The change in PitStop 13 is that the Action can now generate a message if something is NOT found in the PDF file, so you can now use it to check if required elements are present.

VIDEO: see how it works


Compare PitStop Pro versions


  Version 13 12 11 10 9 8

Optional subscription licensing



Preflight restrictions              
Customizable Preflight messages              
Customizable Action List messages              
Generate bleed Action              
Improved log selection Action              
Improvements to Workgroup Manager              
Cut - copy - paste in Action Lists              
Check number of nodes on a page              
Select pages Action can count from the back              
Select inside contour Action
(dieline / cutter guide)
Select spot color now allows lists of colors              
Scale Actions work to 4 decimal places and with Variables              
"Just make my Office PDF work" Preflight Profile              
Improved Preflight image resolution reporting              
ISO 19593-1 Processing Steps support              
Action to remove object level metadata              
Action to remove attachments from PDF files              
Option to turn off anti-aliasing when rasterizing              
Action to convert shadings (blends) to images              
Esko Packaging Preflight Actions              
GWG2015 Preflight Profiles              
Updated Pantone libraries including Pantone+ in Lab / CMYK              
Create Action Lists directly in the Preflight Profile editor              
Retina icon support for Acrobat DC              
Integration with Monotype missing font solution                
Image adjustment - tonal curves                
Image adjustment - brightness / contrast                
Image adjustment - Unsharp masking                
Gradient / Blend creation and editing                
Ink Usage Report                
RGB Black Image to Black channel only                
Alignment tools                
Group and ungroup objects                
Customizable keyboard shortcuts                
Modernized selections                
Global color curves                
Use of regular expressions in Action Lists                
Anti-aliasing in image conversion                
Improved working with PDF layers                
"Look" function in Inspector                
Smart Preflight and correction                  
Improved Preflight Profile editor                  
Streamlined Navigator                  
Find and replace text                  
Merge into text lines                  
Split spreads into single pages
(Split pages in half)
PitStop Workgroup Manager                    
PDF/A, check and fix to this standard                    
PDF/X-4:2010 compliancy                    
Optimize PDF files                    
Global Changes in QuickRuns                    
Redesigned and enhanced Action List engine                    
Enhanced design layout                    
Search functionality on the font and color picker                    
Import color libraries                    
Pantone Plus added to Pantone color libraries                    
Check total ink coverage                    
Color management presets                    
Black point compensation when converting color                    
Channel remap                    
Design Layouts                      
Redesigned and enhanced Global Change engine                      
Unified Preset Manager                      
Floating licenses                      
Outline problematic fonts                        
Place PDF in PDFs                        
Run Action Lists during Preflight                        
Universal Binary                        
Work with different font types                        
Support for Little CMS, Adobe CMM                        
Text display in wireframe mode                        
Sign-off on Preflight errors                        
New PitStop Inspector                        
Separate Color conversion panel                        
Better page configuration handling                        
Annotated Preflight Report                        




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