PitStop Pro can edit just about anything in a PDF

Convert fonts to outlines

When you need to play it safe: convert fonts to outlines.



Change fonts

Simply select the font you’d like to replace, and change the font in your PDF.



Edit text

No need to go back to the design application. With PitStop Pro you can edit text in a PDF.



Cut and paste text and images between PDF files

Cut & paste, as well as PitStop’s other functions, give you an easier time of editing and repurposing all of your image assets.




Resize and reflow text and images

PitStop Pro makes resizing and reflowing any object in a PDF possible.




Convert color spaces

If objects in a PDF are in the wrong color space, PitStop can convert them for you.



Edit images

PitStop allows you to perform multiple image manipulations within a PDF.



Insert, remove and replace images

With the PitStop Pro plug-in you can insert, change and remove images in a PDF, once again removing the need for the image creators to get involved.



Add page numbers

PitStop Pro lets you easily add page numbers to a PDF file.

You can even select your page number style to match your text for a consistent and sleek look.