PitStop Pro: everything you need to inspect PDF files


PitStop Pro allows you to check the smallest details of a PDF file.

It's called the Enfocus Inspector for good reason.

Attributes of pages, vectors, images, and text can all be inspected at a glance.


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The Inspector panel

With a PDF viewing in Acrobat®, select any object and the Inspector panel has all the information.

There is no process to run or report to generate. Select any object and see its properties.

Object-specific properties are viewed in one of several tabs in the Inspector.

  • Fill and stroke (fill, stroke, stroke details, overprint)
  • Line art editing (combine and divide selected line art)
  • Text (Font, size, character spacing, word spacing)
  • Image (properties, curve edit, resample, compress, brightness and contrast, unsharp mask)
  • Transparency (properties, group, parent group, mask)
  • Prepress (general, halftone, OPI, layers, output intent)
  • Separations (remap channel, varnish separation)
  • Object (position, align and distribute, page box overview, page box edit)
  •  Summary (ie. "page contains 142 anchor points, 866 characters, 38625 bytes of image data")








The Object browser


The Object Browser is a nested list of all of the stacked objects on a PDF page.

Selecting an object in the browser selects it on the page. This makes the process of locating a single or small group of objects on a complex page very easy.

This feature is new for PitStop Pro 2019.








Select similar objects


Typically, when an error is discovered, it occurs anywhere that the condition exists.

For example, a headline text in RGB black probably exists throughout a PDF page. Select Similar allows users to identify which attributes to consider when "selecting similar" elements.

This makes finding and selecting the same conditions simple. It also means that correcting the issue can be done in one edit.

Select Similar attributes:

  • Stroke (color, line width, line cap, line join, miter limit, flatness, dash pattern)
  • Fill (color, fill type)
  • Text (font, size, spacing)
  • Prepress (fill overprint, stroke overprint, transfer curve, halftone, black generation, under color removal, smoothness, color rendering intent)
  • Transparency (alpha is shape, text knockout, fill alpha, stroke alpha, blend modes)






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