PitStop Pro: conquer color


PitStop Pro helps prepress get the expected color separations to press.

PDF files can contain multiple variants of the same color, incorrect color modes and extra color channels.

With the tools available in PitStop Pro, getting a PDF file to cleanly specify content colors is easy.

  • Convert color
  • Remove ICC tags
  • Remap color

Color editing and manipulating are integrated with Action Lists to lay the groundwork for more efficient prepress color preparations.


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Remap Pantone Colors

Explanation of ever-changing Pantone book hell, and how you can easily deal with it using PitStop?

Convert Pantone to CMYK

Customers assign Pantone values to colors even though the job is supposed to print CMYK.

PitStop Pro uses Pantone library values to convert those stray spots to the correct CMYK equivalent.

Certain devices in your shop may need tweaks to the standard CMYK breakdown of a Pantone in order to reproduce it correctly. With PitStop Pro, you can set up an Action List to find a specific Pantone color by name and convert it to the custom CMYK mix that you need.




Change or replace a color

PitStop Pro can find and replace colors as required by production or design changes.

For instance, find every object assigned to c5m25y100k5 and change it to c0m30y80k0.

Color is an object attribute, which means that PitStop Pro can edit, define or check for specific colors and perform actions as you define them in an Action List or Global Change.



DeviceLink Profiles

PitStop Pro ships with 40 DeviceLink Profiles. What this means is that users can quickly apply a DeviceLink Profile to PDF files with one click. Many industry-standard profiles are among them. 

  • GRAcol2006...
  • ISOcoated...
  • JapanColor...
  • PSOcoated...
  • SWOP...
  • TAC reduction





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