PDF Editor: PitStop Pro

PDF editor


PitStop Pro can edit any element in a PDF file.

  • Edit paths, images, colors, layers or pages.
  • Change page geometry, scale or move content.
  • Make text changes. Embed or change fonts.
  • View wireframes to reveal all page elements regardless of layering.


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PDF Editor: PitStop Pro Text editing

Edit text directly to simply fix a typo or to embed or change a font. Many text attributes can be changed to make corrections or prepare for a file for production.

Use all the tools of the powerful PitStop Pro Inspector:

  • Set overprint or knockout
  • Convert fonts to outlines
  • Change text fill and stroke color
  • Alter character and word spacing

PDF Editor: PitStop Pro Image editing

Edit images directly in a PDF with tools designed to make production-related changes a simple task. 

Use all the tools of the powerful PitStop Pro Inspector:

  • Change tonal curves
  • Convert color mode
  • Edit transparency
  • Resample images
  • Change brightness and contrast
  • Change compression
  • Apply unsharp masking

PDF Editor: PitStop ProLine art editing

Edit line art with tools to control fill, stroke, and nodes.

Resize, recolor, move or rasterize to suit content and production requirements.

Gain full editing capability while viewing a PDF in Acrobat.

Use all the tools of the powerful PitStop Pro Inspector:

  • Apply any color to fills and strokes, including Pantone
  • Edit path line segments and anchor points
  • Add shape objects and resize line art objects

PDF Editor: PitStop Pro Global changes

Edit a recurring element or attribute throughout a PDF file.

Change all text to black. Change all Pantone 185 to c0m90y80k0. Resample all images 266 ppi. Custom global changes can be saved and run later on other files.

For instance:

  • Change a specific color
  • Remap colors
  • Convert fonts to outlines
  • Add printer marks
  • Remove items outside of page box
  • Change line weight

PDF Editor: PitStop ProRasterize a selection

PDF files can contain very complex vector art. The easiest way to make files get through a RIP more efficiently is to rasterize pages.

That workaround has its caveats. PitStop Pro allows you to select just the things that you want to rasterize. Rasterize Selection keeps text and other vector images intact to perform targeted rasterizations.

Rasterize a selected object, group of objects or the entire document.





PDF Editor: PitStop Pro

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