How it works



1. Define rules

First choose which aspects of a PDF file you want to check for errors. PitStop Server can detect and automatically correct pretty much everything in a PDF. For example:

  • Missing fonts
  • Missing bleed
  • Image resolution
  • RGB or spot colors
  • Ink coverage

You can also determine what happens to the PDF file when an error is detected:

  • Automatically correct the error if possible
  • Output a warning
  • Trigger the Preflight check to fail and show an error message


2. Set a hot folder

Define which folder PitStop Server needs to watch. This can be a folder on a shared disk or server, so that everyone in the office is able to use PitStop Server.

If you want to automatically check PDFs attached to emails, PitStop2Switch might be the solution for you. 



3. Drag and drop, check the report

Simply drag PDF files you want to check into the hot folder. PitStop Server will check the file and correct the errors as defined.