New in Connect ALL 13

HTML job ticketing

Connect 13 transforms the job submission process by giving Connect ALL customers the ability to deploy dynamic HTML job tickets in their remote Connectors.

These new Connectors enhance the experience of the printer’s customers, while providing a way to capture important job-related information that can ultimately flow directly into the printer’s workflow.


PitStop 13 under the hood

Connect 13 runs on the PitStop 13 Library.
This brings extremely powerful features to Connect:

  • Automatically add bleed to PDF files
  • Customizable preflight messages
  • A whole new approach to PDF preflight, called Preflight restrictions
  • Support for ISO / DIS 19593-1 Processing steps 2016 and other packaging standards




Easier to access

The new Connector menu extra/task bar now provides a single point of access to all installed Connectors. This allows end-users to find and manage their installed Connectors more easily.



Incoming file control

Connect now provides ultimate control over file types accepted or rejected for delivery by a Connector. Plus, customer messages can be displayed, which helps to inform remote users on what they can do next.


More Control

Connect 13 adds more control to several functions within a Connector, including the use of Job Ticket variables in PDF file names, or restrictions to print new PDFs saved locally. Plus more!