New in Connect ALL 2017

Check job essentials — a printer’s best friend!

Print service providers review every document looking for errors that will cause documents not to print as expected. Doing this check mostly relies on a highly skilled employee, or automation solutions like Pitstop Server to find these errors.

New in Connect 2017 is the Check Job Essentials project that is designed to make checking and correcting any document for it’s print readiness easy and quick.



Switch 2017 support

Connect ALL makes submitting jobs directly to a Switch workflow easy. Just drag and drop or print and from anywhere Connect will submit document files and job ticket metadata directly into a workflow. No URLs to navigate to, and no passwords to remember.



More new features

  • Support for Pitstop 2017
    Connect 2017 now supports Pitstop Pro 2017 Preflight Profiles and Action Lists, allowing you to take advantage of all the new features and technologies in the new Pitstop Pro!
  • MacOS High Sierra and Windows 10
    Connect now supports the latest versions of the MacOSX and Windows 10.
  • Enhanced Update Server
    With Connect 2017, we’ve enhanced the update server to support updating expired Connectors automatically.