How it works

Connect is an application that is used to define and create new applications called Connectors. Connectors contain all the settings predefined in Connect, providing consistency for a variety of tasks.

The concept is simple:

  1. Select or define a Connector project
  2. Create the Connector from the project
  3. Use the Connector for your daily work


Once a designer has a Connector, they can be used in three easy ways:

  1. Drag & drop files or folders onto a Connector
  2. Print to a Connector
  3. Use our "Export to Connector" plug-in for the Adobe Creative Cloud




How to get started


The most difficult task in Connect is defining and creating your first Connector. Here's a simple outline to help you get started.




1. Plan

Decide what you want your Connector to do and decide if you’ll make a new Connector or use a preset Connector.

Connect YOU comes with 16 predefined Connector projects that are preset for industry standards for a variety of project types. Based on what you do, you may be able to just select one of the predefined projects to get started.





2. Define

If you’re going to create one of your own, think about what you want your Connector to do? What settings will you need to know?

Connect supports several functions: job ticketing, PDF creation, PDF Preflight, and file delivery. Once you've decided what you want your Connector to do, you need to confirm the settings for each primary function.


Tip: if you’re going to use your Connector to create PDFs for an outside vendor or deliver files to them, you will want to confirm your settings with them.




3. Create

The tough part is done: you’ve selected a preset Connector or you have your Connector defined. Now just create it!





4. Use

Once your Connector is created, it will be launched automatically and install itself on your system. Now you’re ready to use your Connector.