PDF workflow suite

Total PDF quality and delivery management


The Enfocus PDF Workflow Suite eliminates any ambiguity from PDF workflows by offering the tools you need to set up and communicate about your PDF quality specifications as well as check and correct incoming PDF files. Using the PDF Workflow Suite, printers and publishers can increase their productivity and the quality of print production.

The suite consists of Enfocus PitStop Server and Enfocus PitStop Pro.

Automated Preflight and auto-correction

PitStop Server offers automation that checks and corrects incoming PDF files. Certified PDFs created with Connect YOU are immediately identified and move faster through production. Non-Certified PDF files are preflighted and automatically corrected if needed, moving through the production workflow with little or no direct interaction.

Interactive editing

PitStop Pro enables you create the PDF Profile and Action Lists to be used in the Enfocus PDF Queue for Preflight and auto-correction. The interactive editing and correction capabilities in the award-winning PitStop Pro have proven to be real job and money savers.


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