Embed missing fonts in a PDF file with PitStop Pro

Don’t let missing fonts hold up your job! Embed fonts in a PDF file with Enfocus PitStop Pro. 

Embedding a font means that the font will be attached to the PDF file so that it can “travel” from creation or design to every computer, workflow, and RIP without problems. Those systems will be able to fully utilize the font for viewing, processing and proper output. 

If the font is not embedded, all kinds of viewing, processing, and output problems can arise. Additionally, you will not be able to make edits to the text. 

PitStop ensures that every single character of the font is available for your job, whether the systems it travels to have that font installed, or not. Your job will be fully viewable, editable, and output the way it was intended.

If a missing font is not on your system, you can easily download it from the cloud via the Monotype Baseline service.