MadeToPrint for Illustrator

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axaio MadeToPrint is the intelligent printing and exporting solution that streamlines file and printed output from Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator®, InCopy® or QuarkXPress®. axaio MadeToPrint extends, enhances, checks and automates output processes. It facilitates streamlined, fast and faultless production of different file output formats. MadeToPrint allows for rule based file and directory naming, makes identifying output a breeze by adding infobars with detailed metadata to each document, creates flexible output of layers and layer combinations. It outputs PS, EPS, PDF, JPEG, INX, IDML, Flash, ePub and SWF documents or single pages and even allows for full professionally imposed PDF output. All these settings are defined once in a jobset, then making them available to all users, to get consistent output from every workstation. axaio MadeToPrint comes in three versions, Standard, Auto and Server, that offer different levels of automation. MadeToPrint Auto and Server integrate seamlessly with Enfocus Switch as well as in a variety of publishing systems as vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise, Quark Publishing System and Van Gennep PlanSystem4. Users of the axaio MadeToPrint around the world streamline print and export operations and thus benefit from increased efficiency and reliability, reduce error levels, improve collaboration and save time and costs considerably.


MadeToPrint Illustrator

Available for CS3, CS4, CS5.