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pdfaPilot is the solution for conversion of PDF or native documents and emails into robust, searchable PDF or PDF/A files for long-term archiving. It uses the same rock-solid PDF/A technology as used in Adobe Acrobat and is available for desktop use, through watched folders or ready for integration into existing systems through a command line interface or software development kit. More information.

All-new pdfaPilot 6

callas software just released version 6 of their pdfaPilot solution. Part of this new release is the Object Inspector, that allows looking at the properties of the different objects used in the PDF. Also new is the possibility to add GiroCodes to ZUGFeRD compatible invoices, the possibility to convert documents to PDF/A and PDF/X at the same time, and better support for PDF/UA, the ISO format for accessible PDF documents. On top of that the overview pages with the contents of PDF/A-3 documents containing embedded files are now fully adjustable. More information.


Handle all of your PDF needs in a single application

  • Support for all PDF standards, both from international standard organizations and from national user associations
  • Covers quality control, result reporting, PDF fixing and many other PDF manipulations (generating PDF from office files, conversion from and to PostScript or EPS, and much more)
  • pdfaPilot Server runs on any recent Mac OS X or Windows platform

Configure your automation exactly as you need it

  •     Create an unlimited amount of jobs (watched folders)
  •     Configure jobs from any machine on the network
  •     Track server processing across the network using pdfaPilot Desktop
  •     Handle problem files in pdfaPilot Desktop using checkpoints, seamlessly integrating error handling for problems files in an automated workflows with pdfaPilot Server
  •     Run pdfaPilot Server on physical hardware or in many virtual environments
  •     Provide instant load-balancing with pdfaPilot Dispatcher and Satellite
  •     Works together with Enfocus Switch or Laidback FileTrain for further automation needs

Enjoy highest quality and reliability

  •     Passed all relevant industry tests for solutions supporting PDF/A (such as the Isartor test)
  •     Uses the same PDF preflight engine as Adobe Acrobat
  •     Builds on the Adobe PDF Library for PDF file processing, transparency flattening, PostScript / EPS support and more


pdfaPilot 3

Available for callas pdfaPilot Server 3, 2.4 and 2.3.