ZePrA - Color Server

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ZePrA color management server can be integrated into an existing workflow for immediate results. The easy-to-use interface with Auto Setup feature simplifies the process of creating customer DeviceLinks for any workflow situation. 

Workflows can be configured very simply in ZePrA as seen below in several typical applications of ZePrA for automating color management tasks:

  • Photographers and image agencies need to convert their black-and-white and color photos to different printing standards. For this purpose, they can use the extended, high-quality rendering intent options and versatile processing capabilities for black-and-white data offered by ZePrA. Clipping paths and meta-data are preserved in the color-converted image files.
  • Printers want to automate the color conversion of data from different prepress suppliers in order to standardize the separations in the print job and harmonize differently separated image files on a form.
  • Prepress houses have an extensive stock of press-ready legacy copy and want to adapt the data to a new printing standard or a different printing process without encountering problems on the press as a result of reseparated data.
  • Printers and print providers can reseparate entire documents with incorrectly or inadequately separated data for the required printing standard or the in-house standard. Printers can reduce the amount of ink used by ColorLogic SaveInk profiles.
  • Print providers or printers want to standardize mixed-color files supplied in PDF/X-3 or X-4 format to get CMYK, and possibly spot colors. RGB color spaces shall be converted to CMYK.
  • Printers and print providers want to convert spot colors to CMYK in order to be able to print them in 4C.
  • Image agencies want to provide large numbers of untagged image data with a defined profile in automated fashion.
  • Service providers in the packaging printing sector want to separate PDF/X-5n files via a multichannel profile.
  • Printer can apply last minute gradation corrections like CTP corrections or dot gain changes in addition or instead of ICC color conversions.
  • Printers can convert spot colors in highest accuracy and best printability to process colors be it RGB, CMYK or Multicolor.


ZePrA - Color Server

Available for ZePrA version 3 and later.


Example flows

Preflight and color conversion using ICC DeviceLink profiles

This flow demonstrates how to combine Enfocus Switch, PitStop Server and ColorLogic ZePra.