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Claro Premedia adds a complete image processing workflow to Enfocus Switch. Ideal for printers, publishers and online communication companies, it offers fast processing of high volumes of images while achieving cost reduction and improved quality.

Through the Claro Individual Image Analysis, Claro Premedia individually analyzes each image for a range of specific parameters and then enhances the image for highest-quality results… even images inside a PDF. 
Claro Premedia also automates other image or photo processing tasks such as intelligent ICC-based DeviceLink conversions or file format conversions.

The Elpical Claro JobClient for InDesign® offers seamless integration of the Claro Premedia workflow into InDesign. 
The Claro Inspector for Photoshop® allows side-by-side viewing of original and processed image versions.

Claro Premedia is easily integrated in nearly any editorial or production automation system.


  • Provide consistently high-quality image enhancements across varied individual images
  • Save massive amounts of time on producing image-specific enhancements
  • Process with confidence, knowing Claro Premedia will only enhance images where needed and even perform batch image enhancement inside PDF files
  • Further optimize image specific optimization and and operator time through direct integration with InDesign.
  • Stay in control of your workflow with Elpical Claro Inspector that route images to Adobe® Photoshop® for side-by-side comparisons.
  • Seamless integration with leading editorial solutions like CCI, K4, WoodWing, EIDOS Media, Protec, and more.


Claro Premedia Server

Available for Elpical Claro Premedia Server 9.5.0

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Example flows

Enhance image quality with Elpical Claro and update links in InDesign

Input to this flow are the image files in TIFF format of which only RGB images will be processed by Elpical Claro in order to enhance the image quality. CYMK images will remain unchanged. The enhanced images are then used by the "Inject job" tool to trigger InDesign link update. After updating the links to the images in InDesign, the job files are saved under "Output" folder where you can also find the orignal RGB images in a subfolder.