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The brand name VIESUS™ refers to Imaging Solutions’ fully automatic image enhancement. VIESUS™ includes all state-of-the-art image correction steps, such as the correction of over- and underexposures, removal of color casts, recovery of details lost in shadows, restoration of contrast, correction of red eyes, reduction of noise and grain, up- and downsampling, sharpness control. The underlying image analysis algorithms have been specifically designed to robustly work in an automatic, unattended way and safely handle a huge variety of images.
While the proposed default settings allow getting started immediately, many parameters are available to offer substantial flexibility for fine-tuning and to adapt the output to very specific requirements.
A Viewer application with intuitive user interface is available to assist the user in fine-tuning and get to know the potential of the VIESUS™ image enhancement.
The integration into Enfocus Switch® is one possible way to benefit from the proven VIESUS™ image enhancement algorithms.
VIESUS™ can be easily integrated in practically all other workflows as well. To do so, the customer can rely on several applications or even directly integrate the VIESUS™ image enhancement library. For more information, contact


Viesus image enhancement

Available for VIESUS programs based on library versions V7.40.00 or later

This configurator integrates the automatic image enhancement VIESUS by Imaging Solutions.

Example flows

Viesus example flow

This flow uses the VIESUS Configurator to enhance single image files, complete folders as well as PDF files. When enhancing a folder, all non-image files will be transferred without any modification. Note that enhancing PDF files with VIESUS requires additional PDF VIESUS license.