Quite Hot Imposing

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We now have available a standalone product for purchase. It will enable OEMs, system integrators and independent vendors to create customised workflows using either the hot folder or command-line tools within Quite Hot Imposing.

Built on the rock solid foundations of our Quite Imposing Plus plug-in and the Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Library™, we will now be able to integrate our easy to use imposition functions into heavy duty, demanding workflows. This incredibly versatile workflow product will not only save all of your setups but it will also be able to repeat all functions when needed (by a method we call Imposition by Example).

Quite Hot Imposing was designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. Current users of Quite Imposing Plus will be able to export their current setups (XML) into this new standalone.
Available for both Macintosh and Windows.
For more information download our product brochure. (PDF,2 pages, 445K).
We have been working very closely with Enfocus to ensure our customers can integrate Quite Hot Imposing with their very powerful Switch range of workflow automation products. We hope also to work closely with other workflow solution providers.

Why Stand-alone tools?
Quite were the first with Acrobat plug-ins for imposition, and we still see Acrobat as the ideal environment for imposition, because the results are so instantly available. But Acrobat is not suited to heavy-duty automatic work, hot folders or use on a server - it may not even be licensed. So we are planning to extend the tool set with self contained programs for hot folder processing, command lines, and more.

XML support 
XML is rapidly gaining acceptance as a way of transferring information between programs, so it was a natural choice for us in describing imposition tasks. So we will encourage OEMs, integrators and workflow vendors to create XML files that describe impositions, to allow them to integrate our tools into their custom workflows.


Quite Hot Imposing

Available for Quite Hot Imposing 1 and 3

Quite Hot Imposing is a solution for automated imposition of PDF files. Impositions are described in XML files, which can be created with Quite Hot Imposing, or in the Quite Imposing Plus plug-in.

Example flows

Quite Hot Imposing workflow

Files are received from all sources, either a local network drive, or an ftp server or mailing service. The files are, after being uncompressed, sorted so that only pdfs can go through. Those pdfs proceed to be imposed, a report is again being delivered in all cases.