Web to print orders automated from web, to print


  Enfocus Switch connects your web to print system with your production.

Automating job delivery and providing status all along the way.

  • Get orders automatically via any online storefront, FTP, email, DAM, ...
  • Have job status sent to your W2P or MIS system. 
  • Integrate with an existing MIS.
  • Integrate online PDF proofing.
  • Preflight incoming files.


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Get orders delivered

Switch will automatically retrieve files from any source.

  • Get orders into production from FTP, email, DAM, HTTP
  • Route and process files according to order data
  • Remove manual steps from web orders to production jobs

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Integrate with MIS

Switch removes manual steps between subsystems in your workflow by integrating your MIS.

  • Create jobs in your MIS by passing order data and job files via Switch
  • Take control of asset handoff to other systems downstream of MIS or in the absence of MIS
  • Get status from "hidden places" in your workflow using Switch to report file success from outlying devices

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Integrate online PDF proofing

Integrate our Online Proofing Solution for automated online PDF proofing. 

  • Prepare proofs without prepress intervention
  • Send emails to customers with links to proofs
  • Capture approval replies from customers and route files based on those replies

Switch understands JDF and XML. It can use these digital job tickets to automate validation, routing and make intelligent decisions about job processing.

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Status updates where they're needed

Throughout your shop, anyone can easily find a job's status or get an overview of all jobs. Switch automates system communication and provides dashboads to keep staff from having chase down answers.

Switch sends status messaging back to your W2P and/or MIS as well as maintaining its own job status and production checkpoints via a fully customizable dashboard.

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PDF Preflight with PitStop Server

PitStop Server offers powerful PDF quality control to your PDF workflow. The near-native integration with Switch, makes it a seamless part of your process.

  • Check PDF files for a customizable list of quality checks that are specific to your process, your equipment, your customers.
  • Create interactive reports that point out specific issues and exactly where those issues occur in a PDF file.
  • Automatically correct errors and warnings during preflight to reduce the need for human intervention.

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Switch integrates with popular W2P systems


  • File retrieval from W2P with simple Switch apps.
  • ​Communication with production workflow for a more efficient, smarter workflow.
  • Remove manual entries and manual status updates.
  • Integrate pockets of technology for a unified business system.











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These customers integrate Switch with their W2P system




“It’s the difference in being able to do the work for profit or not being profitable at all. There are certain divisions of the company that we just wouldn’t be able to operate without it.”

Adam Seiz, Director of Process Improvement, Bennett Graphics