PitStop Server 3.x release notes

This release of PitStop Server is built on a new technology platform which includes a crucial access layer to PDF. This release includes fixes for many of the previously reported problems. Below is not a complete summary of all bug-fixes, but a list of the most important problems that were fixed in this release.

  • PitStop Server 3.0

New Features

-Mac OS X ready
-PDF Profile comparision
-Average speed improvement of over 30%.
-Fully integrated CertifiedPDF.net technology.
-Preflight checks on patterns and two byte fonts.


-remove OPI
-remove objects outside media box
-handling of metadata stream when using ascii/binary compression
-handling of PS XObjects
-duplicating, importing or exporting action lists could lead to unrecoverable application errors
-remove alternate images
-remove rendering intent was always executed
-page box layout fix

  • PitStop Server 3.01


-Processing files over a network works faster.
-Some crashes on specific files are solved.
-Issues with non Certified PDF documents.
-Trial period was not enabled.

  • PitStop Server 3.1

-Updated PDF/x profiles
-Preference color management
-PDF 1.5 compatibility
-Permission issues under Mac OS X v10.3 (Panther)
-Profile compare

  • PitStop Server 3.11

-Custom Transfer Curves.
-Hyperlinks from the preflight report to the PDF document.
-"No current point" problems encountered on Brisque 3.

  • PitStop Server 3.12

-This version of PitStop Server installs the new set of PDF Profiles and Action Lists (only if no prior version of PitStop Server is installed). 
-Issues regarding object shifting and corrupt font messages.
-The temporary folder will maintain a normal size.
-General performance is optimized.

  • PitStop Server 3.5

New features

-Acrobat 7 and PDF 1.6 compatibility
-PitStop Server 3.5 enables you to check and fix PDF 1.6 specific features during preflight.

Preflight report help

You are now able to access the online preflight report help from within the preflight report. This will help you clarify errors and warnings.

New PDF Profiles

This version of PitStop Server installs the new set of PDF Profiles (only if there was no prior installation of one of the Enfocus products). 

This release fixes or enhances the following issues:
-An option has been added to the Preferences panel to disable the optimize save.
-An option has been added to the Certified PDF tab of the hot folder to allow rollback to previous sessions or not.
-Several minor bug fixes

  • PitStop Server 3.51

-An option has been added in the PDF Profile editor to "Compression is not optimal". A check has been added so non-compressed objects can be ignored.
-A check and a fix for default color spaces have been added in the PDF Profile editor.
-Updated PDF Profiles database (added checks enabled for PDF/X compliancy).
-Change page box layout according to press layout has been optimized.
-The list of ICC characterizations in the PDF/X Color category of the PDF Profile editor has been extended.
-Problem with occasional unintended removal of masks when removing offending objects has been fixed.
-A bug fix has been added so reports can still be generated in case of corrupt system fonts.
-Better handling of unembedding and later embedding&subsetting composite fonts.
-A bug fix has been added for infinite shadings.
-Some other minor bug fixes.