Convert native layout documents to print-ready PDF files


The problem

  • Many production companies in graphic arts receive native page layout and illustration files from applications such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or even MS Word
  • Often these native-application files need to be converted to PDF for print production, distribution or other processes



The Switch solution



Switch offers a single automated process where:

  • Native jobs turn into print-ready PDF files automatically
  • If there are any unsolvable problems detected, the final quality check will stop the file from going into production



  • Eliminates the manual process of PDF generation & reduces errors
  • Ensures PDF files are print-ready through an in-depth quality check
  • Immediately notifies the customers when problems are detected



Flow elements and modules used for this case 


Sorting the jobs

With this flow, job files are placed into the "Input" folder where an initial check is done based on file type.

The result is that all InDesign, Illustrator, and MS word files will be handed over to their native applications for PDF generation.

Files not supported by this flow are placed in a separate folder and an email notification is sent to an operator to review the file.

Converting to PDF

Thanks to apps that streamline the connection to a variety of 3rd party applications, all native applications are an integrated part of the workflow.

For design and illustration, the direct export options are used to create a PDF/X-1a file. 

The MS Word app also allows you to create PDF files directly from the application, but there are a number of problems with these files. To counter that, PitStop Server automatically cleans up the files.

Final quality check

PitStop Server takes care of a final quality check. Files that pass this step are forwarded to production.

For files that fail the check, a notification is sent to the operator including the Preflight report to show why the file failed. 


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