Switch Configurator module

The Switch Configurator Module allows you to integrate external applications (such as Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, HP Indigo, PitStop Server…) into your Switch flows, in order to further automate complex workflows.

There are many integrations available for a variety of applications areas, e.g. preflight, imposition, color management, ripping, proofing, image optimization, document archiving, etc.

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How it works

This module enables the so-called "Configurators". Configurators allow you to process files using third-party applications from within a Switch workflow. Upon successful completion of a task, the files continue on through the flow for further processing.

In combination with the Metadata Module or the Database Module, the third-party applications can be configured by metadata coming from external sources to which those applications have no access on their own. This dramatically increases the power and flexibility of your workflow.

Switch is the solution that sticks all the third-party applications together, enabling end-to-end automation — even with applications that have no automation built in.

Take advantage of proven technologies from industry leaders

Switch is integrated with numerous third-party applications that are in widespread use across the printing, publishing and graphic industries.

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This module has synergies with

  • Switch Metadata Module
  • Switch Database Module
  • Switch Scripting Module